Your Last Searches

Your Last Searches Have you ever done a few lookups and then needed to go back and run the one you did a few times ago? You can always use the Save Searches function to save them for later. But what if you forgot or if you just need it one more time and don’t...

The Support Line: Alter Search Results

Alter Search Results Would you like to have and even more precise view into your most recent search? docMgt wants to give our users that power. Follow the simple ‘alter search results’ steps below to drill down into your results. Search for Records After...

Saved Searches

One of the most powerful efficiency-enhancing features in the system is called Saved Searches. It is also one of the least well known or understood. In this post we will show how to save your searches then re-run them, share them, edit them and delete them. Saved...

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