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Your Last Searches

Have you ever done a few lookups and then needed to go back and run the one you did a few times ago? You can always use the Save Searches function to save them for later. But what if you forgot or if you just need it one more time and don’t want to save it? That is where “Your Last Searches” comes in! Your Last 10 are always remembered for you. You can run them again with a simple click. No need to save them or remember them – the last 10 are always there for you.


On the toolbar you will see a down arrow to the right of the ‘Repeat Last Search’ button. Click that and you will see a list of the last 10 searches you did. Click on the one you want to run and that one will be run for you.

Your Last Searches Location


Once you run that search, you can always save it for later if you want to run it several times.  You can also share them with other users. If you save your search you will have a Share button to share the link. If you want to share one you can always just copy the URL from your browser and email it to someone. 


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