Press Release – Plustek Scanner Certification

docMgt Announces Pustek eScan Certification Plustek is partnering with docMgt to provide a full process automation solution using their eScan network scanner   Lincoln, NE (PRRELEASE) Jan 3, 2018 – docMgt announces compatibility with the Plustek eScan Standalone...

Press Release – Epson Scanner Certification

docMgt Announces Epson Scanner Certification docMgt and Epson are partnering to ensure Epson business scanners provide superior performance and significant value to docMgt users.   Lincoln, NE (PRRELEASE) Jun 2, 2017 – docMgt announced today that several Epson...

Press Release – Canon Scanner Certification

docMgt Announces Canon Scanner Certification docMgt and Canon are working closely together to ensure their products work together seamlessly for all users.   Lincoln, NE (PRRELEASE) Mar 3, 2017 – docMgt announced today that several Canon desktop scanners have...

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