About Us

docMgt provides simpler and more affordable document management for companies of all sizes

docMgt is dedicated to simplifying the document management process and making it affordable to organizations of all sizes. Our team has been in the document management business for 25 years. We see and address the business needs that drive document management – not just the technology. This unique “business-first” perspective allows us to create systems that actually save time and money for organizations. This “business-first” perspective allows us to focus on areas and features that have been either ignored or sold as a premium in typical document management systems.

Anyone can create a system that stores and retrieves documents. The trick is in making a system that works with businesses to provide them with the tools they need to get their jobs done as efficiently as possible. This is why we made sure that document creation and retention/destruction are an integral part of docMgt and are made available in the base product. These are not add-ons or premium cost items like they are for other document management systems. docMgt is different. docMgt comes standard with all the tools organizations need to truly manage their documents and document processes.

We implement this simple, common-sense approach to document creation, management and destruction. This helps organizations of all sizes can take advantage of the technologies that can make their document management process simpler, more manageable and less expensive.

docMgt, Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Lincoln, NE

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