Record Preview 5/5 (1)

Record Preview How many times have you clicked into a web page only to find out it was not the one you thought? Or maybe you are doing research and are trying to find one document in the midst of several very similar documents and end up having to click into each one?...

New docMgt Viewer 5/5 (2)

New docMgt Viewer We are pleased to announce the release of our new docMgt viewer! This new viewer is found in the Documents panel of the Record screen. There are several enhancements to talk about today including the ability to color code the heading names and drag...

ZIP File Support 5/5 (1)

Zip File Support Added to 3.15 We are very please to announce that as of version 3.15 docMgt now supports the viewing of ZIP file contents directly within our viewer. When opening a ZIP file you will now notice that the files inside the ZIP are shown in a list form in...

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