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The Support Line: Printing a Document 5/5 (2)

Printing a Document Even though you are using a leading edge document management system like docMgt we all have the need for physical copies of documents from time to time. Well have no fear because printing a document in docMgt is easy to do. Follow the steps in this...

The Support Line: Alter Search Results 5/5 (1)

Alter Search Results Would you like to have and even more precise view into your most recent search? docMgt wants to give our users that power. Follow the simple ‘alter search results’ steps below to drill down into your results. Search for Records After...

The Support Line: Change Portal Email 5/5 (2)

Change Portal Email Accidentally send a Portal to the wrong email address? Never fear, you can change portal email information simply and quickly to ensure the portal is sent to the correct person. Follow the steps below to successfully alter the Portal...

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