Automate your AP with Machine Learning


docMgt AP Automation uses state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology to process invoices with incredible accuracy. Documents are brought into the system in one of several ways and are processed automatically. docMgt AP Automation separates invoices, indexes them, validates the vendor information and queues them up for review/approval. We can even validate the invoices against purchase orders for more automation. 


What Is docMgt?

pronounced “Doc Management”

docMgt is a web-based document management system designed for mobile and desktop users. It is the perfect low-code platform for developing and deploying business applications in your organization. Call us today at 844-docmgt1 to see how docMgt can help you!

Document Management

Simple, web-based interface for users to create, store, search, retrieve and manage their documents and forms.


Workflow to improve document-driven processes by keeping information moving and providing accountability.

Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms to help organizations manage the creation, collection and storage of information.


Collaboration Portals provide a way to communicate and collaborate with external users in a simple and manageable way.

Indexing Automation

Quick and efficient process to load and index documents using simple drag and drop actions and click indexing techniques.


Full-featured Retention system for specifying how to manage document and information lifespans.

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Solutions with docMgt

Accounts Payable

We help companies easily and quickly process Accounts Payable information through the use of Indexing Automation and Approval Workflows. So in just a few minutes your company can be enjoying the rewards of automated processing and approvals. Contact us today to find out how!

Auto Dealerships

docMgt has built-in features that are perfect for managing processes for auto dealerships. Virtual Auditor gives you the peace of mind to know that every deal will get closed right and fast with all the proper documentation logged and accounted for.

Managed Document Services

Managed Document Services helps you maximize the use of MFPs, Printers, Maintenance and Consumables. Documents can be securely scanned to the docMgt cloud right from the copier panel for fast and easy indexing and retrieval. Now finding your documents is as easy as finding anything using a web search!

Human Resources

Your success is dependent upon your ability to hire, retain and motivate the best possible talent, and protect yourself from litigation and compliance issues.The best way to meet all of these needs is through the adoption of a Document Management solution like docMgt.


Whether it is new student enrollment, online employment applications or internal processes such as leave requests or time sheets, docMgt has the tools to empower K-12 schools, colleges, parents and students. Contact us today to find out how docMgt can help you!


Patient care can be directly related to a provider’s ability to quickly find and use pertinent information. Taking the time to search and find information in separate systems slows down this process which effects the patient experience and the provider’s bottom line.