Active Directory Sync 5/5 (1)

Overview docMgt Active Directory Sync is a command-line tool that is designed to synchronize Users and Groups from Active Directory to docMgt. Use this tool when you need to be able to manage your users and teams from AD but do not require active AD integration such...

Process Automation No ratings yet.

Process Automation is a fully integrated solution that uses goIDit and the docMgt Work Trigger engine to add full automation to any multi-step process where assets move from step to step. Overview goIDit is a technology that utilizes wireless sensors to track the...

Record Preview 5/5 (1)

Record Preview How many times have you clicked into a web page only to find out it was not the one you thought? Or maybe you are doing research and are trying to find one document in the midst of several very similar documents and end up having to click into each one?...

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