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Support for 64-bit Office

The docMgt Integration Add-Ins for Office are built to install into the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office. However, you can still use these with 64-bit Office by using a simple Registry update trick as explained in this article. Be sure to install the Add-Ins first then proceed with this article.


Updating Your Registry

The only difference in using our Add-Ins in the 32-bit version and 64-bit version of office is in the Windows Registry. If you have installed the latest Integration Add-Ins (version 3.23 of higher) then we  have included REG files for Word, Excel and Outlook that you can use to upgrade your Add-Ins for use in the 64-bit version of Office. Go to your “C:\Program Files (x86)\docMgt\Integration Addins” folder and find the dmOutlook64bit.reg, dmExcel64bit.reg and dmWord64bit.reg and files. Double-click on each file one at a time to install the updated REG settings.

*  NOTE that you must be an Administrator on your machine to be able to perform this operation. Manually updating your registry should only be done by users who are familiar with the process.

Each time you open one of these files you will get 2 prompts. The first warns about changing and deleting registry entries and asks you if you want to continue. If you are comfortable doing so then click YES.


The second prompt lets you know that everything updated fine. After this prompt has been shown the REG update process is complete. You may now proceed to the next REG file until all 3 are done.


Make sure to close and re-open all versions of Office in order for the changes to take affect.



At this point you should have full support for the docMgt Integration Add-Ins in Word, Excel and Outlook! Remember to come back often for a new Support Line version article.