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Edit Incorrect Index Values

Unintentionally upload an incorrect index value to multiple Records? No problem, docMgt makes it easy to edit incorrect index values. Follow the steps below to easily edit wrong index values for multiple records.


Search for Records

Search for the Records you need to change. From the search results, select the desired Records’ corresponding check boxes. In this example, the user wishes to edit the Vendor index value from ‘MW Distribution’ to ‘Midwest Distribution’.


Edit Checked Records

Click the Checked Records Options drop-down and press the [icon name=”pencil-square-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Edit Checked Records button. This will bring up the Record Edit pop up dialog.


Edit Record Value(s)

Enter the Field Name that will be altered along with the desired new Value. If you wish to edit more than one Value, simply press the [icon name=”plus” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Add Field button and mimic the same steps. Finally, press the OK button to successfully edit the Record’s values.

Here is one quick note on the process. If you enter a field name that exists in the Record then that field will be updated. If the field name does not exist in the Record it will be added.


Review Edited Records

Finally, after editing the Records, you may have to refresh your browser or click the [icon name=”repeat” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Last Search button to see the changes that were made. Above you’ll see the Record’s Vendor name has successfully been changed!



That was easy!! Just like that you were able to successfully change an incorrect Record Index Value to a more desirable Value. Keep a watchful eye for more useful articles from the Support Line coming at you weekly.