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Workflow Filters

Your workflow list can get very long. Being able to find the items you need to work can be tricky. DocMgt’s Workflow Filters allow you to find the right work items as quickly as possible.



What Are Workflow Filters

Your workflow list can contain items from many processes. You can have items from HR to AP to Timesheets in your list. How can you quickly and efficiently find the right items to work on? Workflow Filters are the answer. With Workflow Filters you can zero in on the items you need. Filter your work items by Due Date, or Record Type, or even by Workflow Step (Trigger).



The Home page and Toolbar both have workflow lists. You can work your items from either list because they are the same. When you need to find specific items, use the filters that are present in the filter bar. The filter bar has many ways to filters your work items.


  1. Visible vs Hidden – You can hide your work items for later if your workflow is configured to do so. If there aer hidden items, you can select Hidden Only to find them. The default is to show Visible Only.
  2. Due Date – You can filter to
    • Overdue items
    • Items due today
    • Items with no Due Date
  3. Viewed (opened) Preference
    • All Items
    • Items I have viewed
    • Items I have Not Viewed
  4. Record Type – You can show only the ones for a specific Record Type
  5. Work Trigger – You can show only the ones for a specific Work Trigger

When you want to see the enter work item list again, click the “Reset Filter” button.


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