Patient care can be directly related to a provider’s ability to quickly find and use pertinent information. Taking the time to search and find information in separate systems slows down this process which effects the patient experience and the provider’s bottom line. docMgt uses multiple levels of integration to provide healthcare systems and providers with the tools to find the right information and documents quickly and efficiently.

Features Used in Solution

Document Management

Document Management is used to store and retrieve patient documents

docMgt is built on a strong document management foundation. The efficient and easy-to-use methods of filing and retrieving documents makes it a natural fit to integrate with any application that needs to incorporate and relate documents with its core data.

Documents can be related based on MRN or Visit Number or both. The organization of the documents can be customized with simple configuration. No custom development is required to get the system implemented.

With a strong set of integration tools, docMgt has the capability to integrate with virtually any healthcare application.


Integration Tools

docMgt’s suite of integration tools makes it a powerful partner for any LOB application

In this new age of interoperability, Integration is the key to any successful implementation. And, although integration can happen at many levels, every integration strategy has the same goals to provide better service, lower costs and increase flexibility.

At docMgt we can focus our integration efforts at every level. Data-level integration allows systems to share information and reduce double entry and preserve data integrity. Business-level integrations allow systems to participate in each others workflows to provide a seamless business process. Interface-level integrations allow users to see and use information from multiple systems all in one interface.

We have the tools to work with virtually any system to help streamline processes, increase efficiency and lower overall costs.

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