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Add-In Signatures

Add-Ins are like having “workflow without workflow.” You can run workflow actions without having to route records or documents. You simply configure a button to show up when you need it. When the user clicks it, actions are taken. One of the things you can do with Add-Ins is to prompt for signatures.


Add-In Signature Configuration

When you are creating an Add-In, one of the panels in the Add-In edit screen is called “Request Signature.” This panel allows you to configure how to prompt the user. Simple turn ON the “Prompt for Signature” option and give the system a Field Name to use to save the signature.  That is all that is required but you can also specify a custom title, custom instructions and text that you wish to apply to the signature. Common text to apply would be the date and time of the signature but any data value or variable can be used.


Once the user clicks the button they will be prompted for their signature.




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