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Automate Deal Processing to Improve Cash Flow.


Virtual Auditor can help you ensure that the deals you close today will get funded by tomorrow!

  • Is all of your documentation always complete? Are you certain?
  • How does your company ensure that everyone in the process is held accountable?
  • What is your process for ensuring that nothing remains outstanding?

Virtual Auditor is the answer!

What if there was an easy to use system that could automate the way deal packets are controlled, audited, and distributed for funding? What if this “virtual auditor” system never slept and was relentless in follow up to make sure that any deal packet with missing documents always got completed on time every time?

  • We don’t replace your F & I solution. We make it more efficient.
  • We don’t add time and complexity to deal processing, we automate it and make it faster.
  • We give you more auditing without more costs.

docMgt identifies all of the documents in a deal packet and immediately notifies the right users when anything is missing to complete the transaction.

docMgt is easy to deploy and improves cashflow!

  • It identifies all of the documents in a deal packet and verifies all of the requirements by deal type.
  • If anything is missing the system sends notification to the right users.
  • If deficiencies are not fixed on time, reminders are sent.
  • Management can see real time what is outstanding and why.
  • When requirements are met, funding requests can be automatically sent.

When you automate the document auditing process deals get funded quicker, you are better prepared for the month end rush, and cash flow is improved!

More Information

For more information about the docMgt Document Management features, view our Document Management page.