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Updated Licensing System



How Can We Make Licensing Easier?

We have talked a lot with our partners and customers about licensing. We specifically talked about how they feel with the licensing of docMgt and its components. As a result we are making a substantial change to our licensing. Previously each copy of any client tool such as Importer or Exporter required a separate license to be applied on the machine running the client application. This is not only a pain to implement it sometimes caused delays and confusion.

What Did We Change?

With our new licensing model, the server is licensed to allow client tools directly so you no longer need to apply licenses to the client. Clients are simply installed and ready to go. No more generating license codes and waiting for license files to be applied. This also means that if you need several importers for one customer you only pay for the server license to allow that type of tool to access it. Then you can run as many of those tools you want all for the price of one!
The cloud version of docMgt is similarly licensed so that the clients no longer need a license. For instance, if your customers need an importer connection to their docMgt URL you would purchase the Importer license as normal then we will enable that from the server end so that an unlimited number of importers are then allowed to interact with their URL.

When Do You Have To Worry About This?

This new licensing model started with version docMgt 3.12. If you already have client tools running from previous versions there is nothing to do on the client. They will operate as normal. However, when you upgrade any premise server to 3.12 or higher you will need to apply a new license to enable the client functionality you need – importer, exporter, etc.
Contact Support before upgrading to 3.12 or higher to answer any questions and avoid any problems upgrading

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