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Restore Deleted Documents

Did a needed document accidentally get deleted from a Record? No worries, we have you covered! Any user, whether they are an administrator or not, can restore a document that they deleted from a Record. The user simply needs to have “edit” rights.

By following these 3 easy-to-follow steps, your document will be back where it belongs!

Step 1 – View Deleted Documents

In this example, a user deleted an employee’s W4 from their employee Record. To retrieve the deleted document, select the Menu Options button in the Documents panel from the Record itself. Next, select the View Deleted Documents option to see a view of all deleted documents from this record.


Step 2 – Restore Document(s)

Above, you’ll see that the W4 document that was deleted is displayed. This document can be restored by turning ON the document’s checkbox. Next, select the Menu Options button in the Deleted Documents Panel and press the Restore Document(s) option. To restore more than one document select all appropriate document check boxes and select the Restore Document(s) option.


Step 3 – Ensure Document was Restored

To ensure that the newly restored document is in fact fully restored, select View Active Documents from the Menu Options button in the Deleted Documents toolbar.


Hooray! The W4 document that was previously deleted is back where it belongs!


This article was designed as a simple tip on how to restore a deleted document. We will have more coming in the future so stay tuned to the Support Line to see more tips on recovering from problems.