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Repair Orders

Warranty audits require a large number of supporting documents and way too often result in lost revenue and charge backs. Does your staff spend way too much time looking for repair orders or other supporting documents to satisfy your warranty claims? We can help you solve that problem!


goIDit and docMgt Together

goIDit and docMgt have combined to give you the systems you need to capture all of your repair orders, service tickets and parts documents. Our tools index all of these to provide instant access and to prevent missing, misfiled or lost documents. We also automatically validate that all the required warranty documentation is accounted for. If there are any missing documents, we can automatically send a request to the right person to fix it. The goIDit and docMgt solution significantly reduces the time needed to manage all of these documents which frees your staff to spend more time on revenue-generating activities.


Main Benefits for Repair Orders

  • Scan all of your documents and securely store them in the cloud
  • Documents are indexed for instant access
  • Document requirements are validated
  • Missing document notifications are sent
  • Follow ups are automated to ensure compliance
  • Audit requests can be fulfilled instantly



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