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QuickBooks Online Search Bookmark

This article explains how to make a QuickBooks Online Search Bookmark on your browser toolbar.

The basic scenario for this article is that you are viewing a Bill in QBO and want to see the invoice image and all the workflow that went into the PO matching, approvals, etc. DocMgt has direct URL searching that allows us to perform a search just by sending data in the browser’s URL. What this article shows you is how to automatically get the Invoice Number from QBO and do the search – All with a single button click!


Getting the Invoice Number

Getting the invoice number takes a little client-side JavaScript. Don’t be worried – it is not as scary as it sounds! We have that all ready for you. All you need to do is plug in a few bits of info about your DocMgt site and you are good to go!

  • Create a new favorite in your browser’s toolbar. The easiest way is to just click the “Add to Favorites” button on the toolbar. It doesn’t matter which web page you are on when you do that – you just need one that you can edit.
  • Next, right-click that new favorite and select “Edit”
  • In the “Name” field, enter something like “Look up in DocMgt” or whatever you want to call it
  • In the “URL” field you need to add the JavaScript. The script is below, just edit the YOURURL, RECORDTYPEID, and FIELDNAME values to match your site.
    • YOURURL – This is the base URL of your DocMgt site. Normally, it would be something like “acme.docmgt.cloud”.
    • RECORDYPEID – This is the numeric ID of the Record Type you wish to search in and is unique for each site.
    • FIELDNAME – This is the name of the Invoice Number field. It is normally “InvoiceNumber” or similar.
    • If you don’t know the above values, contact your support person and they will guide you.
  • Save your favorite


QBO has 2 different UIs in use at the time this article was written. Which one you are using is hard to tell. It is probably easiest to try one then the other to see which works.


Javascript:window.open('https://YOURURL/v4/searchrecordtypevalue/RECORDTYPEID/FIELDNAME/' + document.getElementsByClassName('refNumInput')[0].children[0].value);


Javascript:window.open('https://YOURURL/v4/searchrecordtypevalue/RECORDTYPEID/FIELDNAME/' + document.querySelectorAll("input[data-testid='reference_no']")[0].value);


Running the Search

Now all you have to do is open a Bill in QBO that has a valid Invoice Number. When you click your new favorite button, the browser will launch the search in DocMgt!



This was a simple example of just grabbing an Invoice Number from QBO. This technique can also be used for many other purposes.