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Repair Orders are some of the most important papers in your dealership and losing them is NEVER an option. Never lose a Repair Order again with docMgt!


Repair Orders Made Easy

docMgt and Repair Orders are a quick and easy combination. Simply scan your ROs into docMgt from your copier or desktop scanner. docMgt recognizes all the information and makes your ROs instantly searchable. Use your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone to find and view any RO, anywhere at any time. And finding documents for audits couldn’t be any easier! All ROs are indexed by Date as well so you can easily find all ROs in a specific time frame to satisfy the auditors.


How It Works

docMgt uses state of the art, Machine Learning technology to read all the information from your Repair Orders as they come into the system. docMgt then utilizes its Indexing Automation system to index and categorize all the ROs. You can then find any RO using any information on the RO itself with NO MANUAL LABOR to index it!


Next Steps

If you have not yet seen docMgt’s RO solution give us a call at 844-362-6481 Ext 1 or email sales@docgmt.com now to see it in action. We will even take RO samples from you and show you how your documents will work with our system.


Don’t get caught in another audit without our system at your side!



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