Version 3.36

Release Date: 2020-11-07

Possible Breaking Change

This version changes the way Collaboration Portals work. If you are using Collaboration Portals you will need to take some extra steps after the release to ensure your portals continue to work properly. Collaboration is now configured PER RECORD TYPE instead of globally. This means on a Record Type-by-Record Type basis you can turn On and Off the setting. Because of this you will need to be sure to turn ON the Collaboration setting on any Record Type in which you are using Collaboration Portals. If you forget to do this then nobody will be able to log into their Collaboration Portals until you turn the setting on. No data loss will occur if you forget so you can turn on the setting after the fact without issue. Users will just not be able to get into their portals until you do this. For more information on Collaboration Portals please refer to and


Possible Breaking Change

This version changes the way the DIFF variable works for dates but ONLY when using the StartHour and EndHour parameters. If StartHour is greater than EndHour we have changed the behavior. Previously we would exchange the values and do a diff as if StartHour was EndHour and EndHour was StartHour. In this release we have changed the routine to include the hours from StartHour until EndHour and never swap. When StartHour > EndHour then we include the hours from StartHour until Midnight as well as from Midnight until EndHour. Looking at the example [DIFF(1/1/2020 7:00AM|1/1/2020 5:00PM|m|12|8)] this would previously evaluate to 300 minutes because it would include any minutes in the 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon hours (i.e. any time that had an hour of 8AM, 9AM, 10AM, 11AM, or 12 Noon). After this release it will evaluate to 420 minutes because it now includes the hours from 12:00 Noon to 8:00 AM (i.e. any time that had an hour of 12 Noon, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, 5PM, 6PM, 7PM, 8PM, 9PM, 10PM, 11PM, Midnight, 1AM, 2AM, 3AM, 4AM, 5AM, 6AM, 7AM or 8AM).




This is a brief summary of the most noteworthy new features

Public Search PortalRecord Types can now be configured for giving public access. You can specify which field to show, which to use for searching, what documents are visible and more.

IP Mapping for Reports – Any report that stores the IP address of the user now has IP Location and Google Mapping capabilities. Click on the location icon and see not only the IP address but the Latitude/Longitude, City State and ZIP code of where the end user was at the time of the logged event. Reports that currently support this are User Login Report, USer PAssword Change Report and Document Sharing Report. This is available in cloud version only.

Workflow Manager Updates – We have updated the Workflow Manager screen to make it more functional. Any Workflow Manager who is also a Reporting user can now re-assign work items from the Workflow Manager screen.

Collaboration Portal Enhancements – The Collaboration Portals have gotten more configurable and have gotten a face lift in the new version. We have moved the Collaboration setting to be Record Type specific. This way you can decide which Record Types can have Collaboration Portals used. We have also added some basic branding ability to be able to better customize the login screen.


New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Workflow
      • Changed Admin drop down panel to show Automation/Workflow for title
      • Added option to use or not use the standard email template in notification emails
      • Added ability to lock Record to a Team using the Team Name in the Lock Record action
      • Added reassignment options to Workflow Manager screen if user is also a reporting user
      • Added option to save data changes to Record and Document immediately instead of at the end of the actions (useful when update affects a search action)
      • Admin – Changed count badges to update while editing instead of after saving objects
      • Added descriptive header to each action in admin system that shows name and info and also allows dragging of action for re-order
      • Improved speed of general workflow processing – especially for records with a lot of data items
      • Search / Update action can now place the ID of first record found into field (similar to when adding a new record)
      • Added drag and drop functionality to rearrange Search / Update action’s ‘Update Fields’
      • Added drag and drop functionality to rearrange multi-update fields
      • Added new action that will Complete, Reject or Cancel work items other than the one in process
      • Added actions to write SERVERDATA values
      • Added filter to check SERVERDATA values
    • Record Types
      • Added option to show Record Type as a publicly-accessible portal
      • Added options to easily move a field to and from Header Fields and Line Item Fields
      • Admin – Changed count badges to update while editing instead of after saving objects
    • E-forms
      • Added Range search capabilities in Repeater fields
      • Added ability to repeat for more than 25 records
      • Added Hidden/Visible/Enabled/Disabled logic based on Greater Than, Less Than or Between
      • Allow number fields to be used for form totals
      • Changed default form so that the header image does not spring (set Height property)
      • When creating a new E-form the editor now opens automatically instead of requiring a separate click
    • Add-Ins
      • Added Description to add-in list in admin screen
      • Made Description a multi-line field to allow for more verbose documentation
    • Admin
      • The system now updates its count badges as changes are being made instead of after each object is saved
      • All object “Export” actions, Branding download and Config Manager download filenames now start with the site’s URL
      • Rearranged admin items in admin system
    • System
      • Changed icon for the OCR process to an open book icon
      • Updated routine for merging multiple PDFs to be more efficient
      • We are now removing leading and trailing spaces from Category, Sub Category and Name values when saving Documents
      • We are now removing leading and trailing spaces from Category, Sub Category and Name definitions when saving Record Types
    • Reports
      • Updated IP address location and mapping to all reports that have IP address data available
    • Collaboration Portals
      • Added variable replacement on shared document descriptions
      • Admin – made Password field viewable text
      • Admin – removed requirement of needing Cat, Sub Cat or Name filter for shared docs
      • Workflow Action – Added option to re-send existing portal instead of making a new one
      • Moved Collaboration setting to be a Record Type setting
      • Added custom header and footer to portal login screens
      • Limit logins to max of 5 bad attempts
      • Added Copy URL and Copy Password options to the Record screen portal list
    • Variables
      • Updated USERS variable to return users who are in multiple teams
      • Updated SPLIT variable to be able to do multiple splits in one call by repeating the delimiter and index parameters
      • Added SERVERDATA variable to get data stored at server level
      • Changed DIFF for dates to compute the StartHour until midnight then midnight until EndHour if StartHour > EndHour instead of swapping the Start and End parameters
    • Search
      • Removed voice search button from top toolbar. Can still be activated using Shift-F3.
      • Added button to top search field so users can more easily tell how to make it perform the search instead of using the Enter key
      • Rearranged top tool bar search area
    • Viewer
      • Added ability to print with or without annotations
    • Office Add-Ins
      • Added installer compatible with 64-bit version of Office
    • Indexing Automation
      • Indexing screen – Reduced the time to load an image for indexing
      • Indexing screen – sped up load times between work items when bringing up the next item for the same trigger
    • User Options
      • Changed downloads page to only include downloads
      • Added option to My Settings for always showing the workflow icon in the toolbar even when there are no work items
      • Added a link to My Contacts in the User menu
      • Removed link to the old forums site



This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • Viewer
      • Add New Category and Add New SubCategory buttons are showing for users who do not have edit rights
      • Multi-document emailing emails multiple copies of same document when documents have the same name
      • Documents are not read only in a “No Record Type” Record which is locked
      • Full screen Add-Ins not showing for non-Windows devices
      • User loses workflow context in E-form when workflow button click has failure. Should keep them in the same workflow context.
    • Search
      • JavaScript Errors in page
      • If Auto Wildcards used the # and !# do not work for searching
    • Workflow
      • Workflow incorrectly sending SMS messages during reassign
      • Auto Split not working because words are not found in order when looking across multiple zones
    • E-forms
      • Show all pages option does not show a Save button
      • Tables not completely disabled when form locked
      • Tables saved to Record are duplicating their entries
      • iPhones disable fields inside containers for no reason
      • Fixed browser console error referring to ‘self’
      • Cannot use Slider control value in variable replacement or for Hidden/Visible/Enabled/Disabled logic
      • Save, Previous and Next button text reappears after blanking them out and saving form
      • ‘Include in Totals’ checkbox not staying on in E-form designer
      • ‘Total w/Tax’ field not showing in the proper place in admin toolbox
    • System
      • Times entered with just 12:00 AM are being converted to 1/1/0001
      • Images not centering in some instances using Rich Text editor
      • ‘No Access’ base security setting causes merge template access to fail
    • Variables
      • TABLE variable not returning the right values
      • MATH variable does not properly handle negative numbers
      • Calling too many embedded Custom Variables causes Stack Overflow – i.e. [A([B[(C[(D[(value)])])])]
    • Office Add-Ins
      • Cannot save into a new Record – error occurs
      • Saving into a new Record will not allow the selection of the defined Category/SubCategories
      • Word Add-In does not refresh properly when logging out of one site and into another
    • REST
      • REST APIs do not adhere to wildcards on fields during search
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Non admin users are seeing deleted sites


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