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Better Security with Collaboration Portals

Do you need to share sensitive information with people outside of your company? Do you need to request sensitive information from people outside of your company? Chances are you said YES to one or both of these questions. Most companies either struggle with or completely ignore the security risks involved in these interactions. End the struggle and have better security with collaboration portals!

docMgt Collaboration Portals (Portals) provide secure access to sensitive documents for outside users. They also provide a consistent and controlled way to monitor these interactions.They can also be created and sent out automatically via workflow triggers.

Each Portal has its own rules and is customized to fit any need. They can be used to share documents including PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, scanned images, and more. Users can view the documents right in their browser with no software installed. They can even view the documents on their smartphone or tablet with no installed app required!


Uses for Collaboration Portals

Collaboration Portals can be used to communicate with auditors, parents, students, clients or even prospective employees.

  • Companies can send portals to provide information quickly and securely to auditors. This can greatly reduce the time and effort of getting information to the auditors on time.
  • Schools can use portals to send out new student packets and field trip notices that can be filled out and signed online. They can send out sports sign up notices and medical clearance forms. Parents can view and the documents, upload their own electronic documents and fill out all the forms at their convenience.
  • Companies can use the portals to communicate with outside vendors in their AP process. Mismatched purchase orders can be fixed, incorrect invoices can be worked out and more all without any phone calls made or emails lost.
  • Portals can be sent to clients to interact on a project. Documents can be shared and the client can submit their approval right in the system. Complete with signatures if needed.



Collaboration Portal Flow


E-forms with Portals

E-forms are used throughout docMgt for collecting and sharing information. They are used in portals for this same purpose. The benefits of using e-forms in a portal are that the forms are shared securely, they can be pre-populated with information already known about the user, and they can simplify the process of workflow by supplying crucial data that only the external user may know.


Monitoring Collaboration

docMgt keeps track of every collaboration event by monitoring their progress. Collaboration Portals can even be automated by integrating them into Workflow which provides for automatic notification and follow up actions such as reminders or reassignments.



Collaboration Portals can help secure your interactions with people outside your company. The process improvements you can get from collaboration portals include:

  • Automatic distribution of form and document requests through secure portals
  • System generated reminders when assignments become past due
  • Alerting of internal staff when portals are completed or late
  • The use of business rules to automatically send documents, forms, or requests via workflow



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