Release Notes

Version 3.31

Release Date: 2019-12-21




This is a brief summary of the biggest and/or most influential new features

Streaming Media – We have added support for streaming Audio and Video files. The system supports MP4, WEBM for video and MP3, WAV and OGG for audio.

OCR – Cloud users will notice a major improvement of the OCR accuracy due to an upgrade of our cloud OCR systems. The new OCR is faster and 80%+ more accurate than our previous OCR.

E-forms – The E-form system now has QR Code support in the Bar Code field. This will allow you to design forms with QR Code enabled responses. We have also added more icons to make it easier to find just the right look.

Workflow – We added the ability to do variable matching using LIKE patterns. This enables workflow triggers to match not only on exact matches and ranges but also Starts With, Ends With and Contains logic. Also added was a series of enhancements to the Indexing Automation engine including REGEX and LIKE patching as well as zonal regions for Split and Classify actions.

Security – We updated our password security to using SHA-256 with a stronger SALT value per password change. We also added the ability to time out users by logging them out after N minutes of inactivity (configurable in Admin screen).

Document Sharing  – We have added the ability to share individual documents externally without requiring passwords. This is secured at the server level and the Record Type level.


New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • E-Forms
      • Added QR Code support to the Bar Code field
      • Added logic to E-forms that skips required field checking if workflow button option is set that way
      • Added more icons for forms
      • Added option to file upload field to have it take pictures when loaded in a mobile device
      • Changed Sketch field to not put border and sizers around free hand field
      • Added option to Sketch for making the delete button delete all annotations and not just the selected one
    • Search
      • Changed Merge Records logic to order documents according to the order of the Records that were merged. This stops documents from mingling with existing documents in the same categories.
      • Moved the Full Text search field in the same section as the normal fields instead of Advanced
      • Allow Full Text Searching of Record and Document notes
    • Admin
      • Added alert to User properties when email address invalid or when passwords don’t match
      • Added Inactivity Logout Minutes setting to auto-logout users after periods of inactivity
    • Viewer
      • Added support for streaming video (MP4, WEBM) and audio (MP3, WAV, OGG). Note that IE 11 only supports MP3 and MP4.
      • Category check box now shows checked if all docs checked using the Check All Documents option
      • Changed Document list in viewer to show more practical information
      • Split ‘Download Document’ button into 2 buttons – ‘Download Document’ and ‘Download Document as PDF’
      • Updated document drag and drop to be able to drag documents between categories
      • Using CTRL CLICK on a word in the full text (OCR) view panel will perform a search across the system for that value
      • Using CTRL-SHIFT CLICK on a word in the full text (OCR) view panel will highlight all of the same words on the page
      • Added option to password protect documents that are downloaded as PDF
      • Added option to share documents externally
      • Made OCR text viewable for mobile devices
    • Record Screen
      • Added scrolling and panel sizing to the Linked Records panel
      • We now show up to 200 records per linked record type
      • Added workflow reporting options to workflow drop down menu
    • Workflow
      • Added option to allow button click to skip required field and field balance check options in normal viewer
      • Added @SPLITOFFSET variable to split routine that increments for each split found
      • Updated value checks to be able to use LIKE logic with ?, # and * operators
      • Auto-Split – Added LIKE and REGEX support to find split terms
      • Auto-Split – Added zonal capability to define where to find split term(s)
      • Auto-Classify – Added LIKE and REGEX support to find classification terms
      • Auto-Classify – Added [MATCHVALUE] variable support when setting the Category and Name of the classified documents
      • Auto-Index – Added full indexing definitions to workflow action which removes requirement of using Record Type field definitions
      • Added ability to edit custom email action HTML source
      • Added Document Context Switch action
      • Added more icons for buttons
      • Added variable replacement logic to the workflow “Launch Web URL” action
    • Record Types
    • Variables
      • Added way to refer to a data value that conflicts with a reserved variable – use [(DATANAME)]
      • Make field multi-line in variable testing window
    • REST
    • Add-Ins
    • QuickBooks
      • System now processes all workflow items per cycle. Previously the system processed 100 items at a time when syncing with QBWC.
    • Indexing Automation
      • Classify – Set panel height to match the thumb size
      • Classify – Set header colors to match the Record Type definitions
      • Classify – Added ability to drag multiple pages at once
      • Classify – Added ability to check multiple pages quickly and easily
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Added link ability to manage multiple domains within the interface
      • Added check box to billing report so user can check sites off as they do billing or reviews
      • Added option to display billing report grouped by customer
    • System
      • Updated the premise system to work properly when using reverse proxies and centralized SSL certificates
      • Upgraded the front-end JavaScript library
      • Upgraded password security to SHA-256 algorithm with stronger SALT value
    • Record Preview
      • Changed it so the preview window closes after opening record in new tab
    • Toolbar
      • Added version release date to support dialog
      • Change drop zone to the ENTRY  option instead of the entire header
    • Record Preview
      • Added Document Shares report
    • Inline Importer
      • Changed logic so document imported without specific names will default to the file name without the extension



This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • E-Forms
      • Signature fields do not show required highlight
    • Admin
      • Google auto-complete causes admin lists to appear empty by auto-populating the search field inadvertently
      • Workflow list (cached) does not update after changing workflow order
    • Viewer
      • Word highlights don’t turn off if the mouse is moved too fast when viewing OCR
      • Last searched words are highlighted even if the record is not being loaded from search
      • Rebuild document shows error after completion on systems that have NO ACCESS as base
      • Workflow “Edit Trigger” button shows for non-admin users
    • Browser Console Error
      • Invalid X-Frame-Options header setting showing in the console error list in the browser
      • Browser errors occur when loading site after having been logged in previously as another user
    • Documents
      • Revisions not always being saved for documents
    • Indexing Automation
      • Indexing – Date formatting not applied properly during indexing
      • Classify – Pages without Cat/Name are showing in panel below instead of on top
    • Bookmarklets
      • End user Bookmarklets page errors out on load
    • Home
      • Clicking on a list-based item does not open record
      • Panels based on Saved Searches do not always show in columns as they should
    • Workflow
      • Workflow – Document-level variables returning wrong information from Extract Data Action
    • System
      • Bar code reading identifies invalid Code128 values
      • Base server URL not correct for instances where an IIS Application is used
    • Variables
      • Cannot perform replacement on variables deep inside JSON structure
    • Record Preview
      • Preview can fail if data is not loaded in time
      • Created and Changed dates are JSON date strings
    • Reports
      • Storage report error when data set too large

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