Version 3.30

Release Date: 2019-10-12


Possible Breaking Change

Follow-Up Action logic has been changed. Starting with 3.31, if a Workflow Complete, Workflow Reject or Workflow Cancel action happens then the remaining follow up actions are not triggered. In order to ensure all your actions happen you will want these actions to happen at the end of the follow-up action list.



This is a brief summary of the biggest and/or most influential new features

Enhanced Document Security – We have updated the Document Security to be more flexible and full-featured. Now you can give Read Write for a category to a user that has Read Only to the Record. Previously the Record Security would override the document security.

Search Results – There is now the option to download the search results in an Excel spreadsheet. The data is nicely formatted in a table. The spreadsheet also includes one sheet for each numeric field that shows a chart of the data for that field.

Workflow – Added ability to apply annotations during workflow. This is perfect for applying signature stamps as well as other status stamps to documents during processing. Use in conjunction with the Burn Annotations action to create a permanently annotated document.

Date / Time Fields – We have added the ability for the Date fields to be Date Only (04-02-2019), Date / Time (04-02-2019 8:00 PM) or Time Only (8:00 PM). Use the Advanced tab of the Date field to set your preference for that field.


New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • E-Forms
      • Changed the Flex Grid field to default to full width with no embedded fields.
      • Changed Link Field Option List to sort normal entries first then add unmatched entry at end
    • Search
      • Updated Grid results screen to have more definition between columns and show more data per column
      • Added option to download data as formatted and calculated spreadsheet in XLSX format
      • Updated to allow highlights on numeric values that start with the searched value
    • Admin
      • Added Address1, Address2, Address3, Phone1, Phone2, Phone3 to user CSV import columns
      • Changed User CSV import so the only required field is Username (previously Email was also required)
      • Added option to import Teams from CSV
    • Viewer
      • Added XLSM as a supported document type
      • Added ‘Created By Name’ to document list data
      • Changing the order of documents no longer changes the Date/Time Changed or Changed By fields of document
      • Updating page count in database no longer changes the Date/Time Changed or Changed By fields of document
      • Added support for CONFIG files in viewer (*.CONFIG, *.DMICFG and *.DMEFCG)
    • Record Screen
      • Made Add Notes dialog wider to be able to enter larger values
      • Updated Linked Records panel to show display values for records that have linked fields
      • Updated Records Preview panel to show display values for records that have linked fields
      • Updated Date field to Date Only, Date / Time or Time Only.
      • Added option for admins to be able to trigger Follow-Up actions directly from work item
    • Workflow
      • Automatically applying Record Type filter fields to records created in the Search / Update workflow action
      • Added option to Search/Update action to save the ID of the newly-created Record when opting to create if not found
      • Changed admin system so newly-created triggers will to not be assigned to current user by default
      • Added assignment behavior option to not assign to only the user who clicked on item. Once clicked the item can remain in other users’ lists until it is completed.
      • Added variable replacement to button text
      • Add options to OCR workflow action for Complete OCR, Full Text Only, Bar Code Only and Office Document reading
      • Added option to make trigger Active/Inactive
      • Added option to workflow process to tell whether to leave process when process no longer valid or stay until all child triggers are completed
      • Updated Direct Trigger Link to be able to link to a Process to find the first child trigger
      • Updated Initiate Workflow action to be able to start workflow at a specific trigger / process
      • Added variables to the Category / Name values in Auto-Classify workflow action
      • Made Auto-Classify action fully configurable in workflow instead of relying on the Record Type definition
      • Added action to apply Annotations during workflow
      • Changed Follow-Up actions logic to check to see if the rules for any action is valid just before executing instead of ahead of time before others activate
      • Changed Follow-Up actions logic where if a Workflow Complete, Workflow Reject or Workflow Cancel happens then the remaining follow up actions are not triggered
    • Record Types
      • Updated Category and Document security to handle more security scenarios
      • Added option to trigger Record thumbnail updates when documents of a specified Category are uploaded (keep thumbnail up to date)
      • Added field options to be able to automatically add wild card characters to start and/or end of typed in value – allowing for “Starts With”, “Ends With” or “Contains” searching
      • Added REGEX for vehicle VINs in the Auto-Index tab
    • Variables
      • Added TOUPPER and TOLOWER to change string case
      • Added TRIMFROM that allows you to trim a string starting with the first occurrence of a specific break string
      • Added TRIMFROMEND that allows you to trim a string starting with the last occurrence of a specific break string
      • We now allow JSON strings to be processed and have variables replaced
      • Added DOCCOUNT to get a count of documents per Category/Name combination
      • Added USERSMS, USERPHONE1, USERPHONE2, USERPHONE3, USERADDRESS1, USERADDRESS2, USERADDRESS3, USERLASTPASSCHANGE variables that map to the current user’s information
    • REST
      • Added logic to catch null values for data names and values
      • Updated logic to better map values into existing Records and handle multi-value fields better (also impacts Importer)
      • Added ability to call Add-In actions through REST interface
      • Added GetDocumentSize call
    • In-line Importer
      • Removed support for FBA imports
    • Add-Ins
      • Added support for sending emails
      • Added support for merging document templates
    • Collaboration Portals
      • Now are able to have the default user name sent into the login screen by using “UserName=XYZ” in the URL
    • Auditing
      • Changed email audit records so the description is better in the notification emails
    • Home
      • Added ability to ALT-click a record to pop open new tab with Record
      • Added workflow support to Home Page Search Panels that are based on the items assigned to you
    • Document Size
      • Added Document Size as a property that is tracked per document (only new docs will have this property unless the docMgt.DocumentSizeUpdate utility is used to update the document size for all previous documents.
      • Added document size to viewer
      • Added document size to REST interface
      • Added document size to the Storage Report
    • Indexing Automation
      • Updated Auto-Classify to discard the JSON file created during processing
      • Added logic to completely discard break pages when that option is enabled. Previously they would show up in the classify screen.


This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • E-Forms
      • User list fields show “undefined” items at end of list
      • If date picker min/max are set but field is not required users still get prompted with invalid field
      • E-forms are not routing if auto-generated from within workflow
      • Multi-option fields are not properly selecting all items when loading values from the Record using the “Use Latest Value” switch
      • Option fields still show required highlight when filled in if they were converted from check box
    • Admin
      • The top “Add Field” button in the Record Type / Fields screen does not work but the bottom green button does work
      • User/Team import is not trimming extra spaces from values
      • When multi-deleting Teams the name is not showing
      • Error showing after user import
      • Workflow – Action item drags when using the drop down type selector
      • Workflow – Cannot copy/paste button actions
      • Misspelled Results as Reults in Record Type options
      • Workflow – Cannot edit process that is embedded in another process
      • Workflow – Include Record Data option wired to the Email Notification option
      • Workflow – Cannot use built-in variable drop down to select values
    • Viewer
      • Category not defined error when editing doc w/ no category
      • Printing documents does not clear processing queue before adding new documents
      • Emails are being displayed beyond the view portal
    • Record Screen
      • Apostrophe in category name makes documents not appear
    • Record Types
      • Document security not properly taking Base Security into account
    • Home
      • Saved searches show ID value of linked field even when slow mode used
    • Add-Ins
      • “Move Docs” and “Extract Doc Data” action types showing up in Add-In action list when they should not
    • In-line Importer
      • Importer errors out when opening CSV file
    • Indexing Automation
      • Indexing – line item split not working
      • Indexing – Item split not calculating if values have currency symbols
      • Classify – Manual Classify screen loses pages when category renamed
      • Classification – Edit page after dragging to a new panel causes pages to get lost
      • Classification – Add new classification fails
    • Config Manager
      • Import errors not showing properly
      • Triggers not importing in correct order
    • Password Reset Dialog
      • Misspelling in instruction text
    • Tool Bar
      • Search drop down has 2 scroll bars
    • System
      • Wrong URL being generated over SSL when certificate installed on load balancer rather than server
    • Workflow
      • Images too big for PDF page get cut off when adding as pages in workflow step