QuickBooks Integration

docMgt provides QuickBooks integration out of the box!

docMgt comes out of the box with built-in QuickBooks Integration to synchronize bills, vendors and account information. This integration is performed by using the QuickBook Web Connector (QBWC) application that is distributed and supported by Intuit (more information here). By linking the QBWC to your docMgt site you can transfer data to and from QuickBooks.

The key to making this work is the workflow within docMgt. QBWC is set to poll docMgt every X minutes (this is configurable) for new transactions that are waiting in the workflow queue. Any awaiting transaction are processed in order then the workflow is moved on to the next step.

The logic use for accounts payable is straight forward:

  1. Vendor, Customer, Account and Class information is synchronized from QuickBooks to docMgt on a regular schedule
  2. Incoming invoices are scanned and sent into the Indexing Automation queue as needed
  3. Invoices are indexed using the synchronized Vendor, Account and Class information
  4. The invoices are then sent for any necessary approval (and any other processing before being sent to QB)
  5. The workflow then queues the invoices up for submission into QuickBooks
  6. QBWC receives the invoice information and saves them into QuickBooks
  7. Upon success, the workflow continues
  8. Upon error, the invoice is sent to any resolution step(s) required and resubmitted to QB

The types of information that can be synchronized at the time of this publication are:

  • Bill payment entry from docMgt to QuickBooks
  • Vendor Sync from QuickBooks to docMgt
  • Customer Sync from QuickBooks to docMgt
  • Class Sync from QuickBooks to docMgt
  • Account Sync from QuickBooks to docMgt (the following account types)
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Bank
    • Cost Of Goods Sold
    • Credit Card
    • Equity
    • Expense
    • Fixed Asset
    • Income
    • Long Term Liability
    • Non Posting
    • Other Asset
    • Other Current Asset
    • Other Current Liability
    • Other Expense
    • Other Income

To properly configure docMgt to work with QuickBooks you will need the following:

  • QBWC User Account for each QuickBooks company file in use
  • Work Trigger(s) for Sync Processes
  • Record Types for Sync Processes and Sync Data
  • Linked fields to use synchronized Vendor, Class and Account Data
  • Line Item support is also available for QuickBooks data


Instructional Video for QuickBooks Integration

We have prepared a full video on how to configure QuickBooks with docMgt. This video will walk you through configuring both QuickBooks and docMgt with a step by step process.


As always, contact your docMgt representative to get help with this or any other feature.


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