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Cloud Data Security


Cloud Data Security

If you are using any cloud service provider you need to be sure your data is secure! At docMgt, cloud data security is our top priority. From the physical storage of your data to the application itself and everywhere in between, you have high-end security protecting your data. docMgt also provides full logging and monitoring to allow you to watch over all aspects of your data.


Physical Security

docMgt uses the Microsoft cloud (Azure) for all data center hosting. Microsoft Azure is a world-class data center and application framework that provides backup, redundancy and security. Microsoft takes great care in designing the Azure data centers with high levels of security. Here is an article that describes their physical security protocols – https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/security/fundamentals/physical-security.

We encrypt all data and documents while at rest. This means that all data and documents are encrypted as they are saved. If someone were steal the actual hard drives they would not be able to read the data or open the documents. docMgt not only encrypts the documents but also your entire database including all transactional data. Encryption at rest is something all security-conscious organizations must require.

We also require all traffic in and out of our data center to be secured with SSL certificates. All data sent to and from our data centers is encrypted while in transit. It does no good to encrypt the data at rest if you send non-encrypted data to and from the users. Data that is not encrypted is open to be read by anyone between our data center and the users. We require SSL encryption on all connections to ensure no data is visible to anyone not authorized.

Redundancy is often overlooked when it comes to security. If the devices holding your data fail then your data is lost. We keep multiple backups of your data and can restore to any 15-minute point in time for up to 30 days. We can extend that 30-day backup period on a case-by-case basis. We also keep several copies of all documents. There are 3 copies saved in the primary region. There are 3 more copied off site to a secondary region.


Application Security

docMgt was built with a high level of built-in security features. Each type of document can be secured independently so only the users who need access are given it. If you need AP documents to be viewed by one group and HR documents by another you can easily configure that. Even within a document type you can configure different security access.

For instance, AP documents as a whole might be visible to all department managers but you can make sure that each department manager can only see their own invoices. You normally don’t want them viewing those of other departments.  You can also define who can see which documents. For instance, in HR you may allow managers to view an employee record but you can hide all I9s, W4s and more from all but a select group of users.

Another aspect of cloud data security is data change logging. docMgt logs every change of data. Any time data changes it is logged as to what changed, by who and when. If there is any doubt of why data changed you have the tools to review those changes to see how and why the change was made.


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