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Zip File Support Added to 3.15

We are very please to announce that as of version 3.15 docMgt now supports the viewing of ZIP file contents directly within our viewer. When opening a ZIP file you will now notice that the files inside the ZIP are shown in a list form in the viewer panel. See the screenshot below.

Zip Files in docMgt

Zip Files in docMgt

Any directories in the ZIP are shown as folders and are clickable to expand to view that folder’s contents.


Working With Files in the ZIP

The files inside the ZIP are available to download individually. Click the download icon [icon name=”download” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] on the right side of the list to download any given file. This will trigger a download event in your browser and you can open it the same way you would any other document.



In the future we will be expanding the ability to work with ZIP files in the viewer. The features we can see coming are:

  1. View documents from within a ZIP without extracting or downloading
  2. Upload documents into a ZIP file
  3. Delete documents from a ZIP file


I am sure more and more will come as we move forward with this exciting feature. We will update you as we add capabilities so stay tuned!



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