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Workflow Approvals via Email

Let’s face it. No matter how simple we make a system for workflow approvals, there are some users who just don’t want to log into any system to do it. Maybe it is because they only do this job once a month and keep forgetting their passwords. Maybe they feel they just don’t have time to be bothered with another application. Whatever the reason, they just want it easier. This is where the docMgt “Fast Lane” can help.

‘Fast Lane’ is built around the philosophy of making users’ lives as easy as possible. Anywhere we can remove a click or two we will do it. As the age-old adage goes – time is money! Any time we make work easier or quicker we consider that a Fast Lane approach. Typically we do that behind the scenes but there are times when the Fast Lane changes are more obvious. Workflow email approvals is one of those times.


How It Works

Starting with version 3.23 you will have the ability to mark a work trigger as a Fast Lane trigger for Emails. When you do that, the email that is sent to the end users will have extra information in it that explains how to perform workflow functions by replying directly to the email. They simply mark an X by the option they wish to perform and send the email and that is it. They have now performed their workflow!

This approach is perfect for approvals such as invoice payment, expense reimbursement and more. Any time you want to give the user a quick and easy single option this will work.


Email Example of Approval Options

Behind the scenes, docMgt receives the email and does some verification based on the work item ID, the email account where the reply came from and whether or not the trigger is set to allow Fast Lane actions. If all checks out OK then the action the user selected will be performed on their behalf as if they had logged into the system and clicked that button themselves.


Compatibility Notes

This feature is available starting with version 3.23 which is due out in mid December, 2018. It is only available for docmgt.com cloud sites at this time.