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Using docMgt with Adobe Sign

docMgt is built to manage, secure and process documents of all types. Our contract management capabilities allow users to file contracts, manage the approval process, be alerted when it is time to review the contract for renewal, and more. Adobe Sign allows users to sign documents electronically. Their signature capture and alert system along with docMgt’s workflow allow you to focus on your work and let us deal with the electronic signatures.

docMgt workflow interacts with Adobe Sign to ensure a simple and complete signing process. Use docMgt to gather documents, perform reviews and get approvals. When all approvals are done docMgt will send the contract to Adobe Sign for signatures. When all the signatures have been gathered, Adobe Sign sends the completed contract directly back to docMgt. docMgt then stores the signed contract and workflow proceeds as normal.


How to Set Up docMgt with Adobe Sign


Setting Up Adobe Sign Trust

The first thing you need to do is set up a trust between docMgt and Adobe Sign.  Go to the “Applications” panel in the Admin system in docMgt. Click the “Add” button and select “Adobe Sign” as the Integration Type and give it a name. Click the “Save” button to add Adobe Sign as an application. Then click the “Authenticate” button. This will bring up an Adobe Sign login screen. Login here to give docMgt permission to send document through Adobe Sign on your behalf. Make sure you are logging into Adobe Sign as a user that has permissions to allow all of your corporate users. Contact Adobe Sign if you are not sure.



This is all that is required to get the core Adobe Sign functionality. Now you need to set up Workflow to perform the proper Adobe Sign calls.


Setting Up Workflow

Add in the workflow triggers to work with Adobe Sign. You can do them all manually but if this is your first time working with the Adobe Sign integration we recommend using the pre-built configuration including Record Type and Workflow as a primer.

Open the Config Manager in the docMgt Admin system. Click the “Load from Cloud” button and select the “Adobe Sign – Contract Management” option. Click the “Select” button to load that configuration into the Config Manager. Once you have reviewed the notes you can then click the “Import This Config” button to import the config into your docMgt system.



Review the workflow that was installed and you will notice that the triggers perform 3 basic functions for Adobe Sign. First, they send out documents to Adobe Sign using the “Adobe Sign – Send for Signature” action. Next there is a trigger that is set up to wait for signatures to be done and to download the signed document.  This trigger has a Follow-Up action that uses the “Adobe Sign – Get Status” action type. The trigger also has 2 buttons. One for when the documents are signed and another for when the signature is rejected or times out. The signed button uses an action called “Adobe Sign – Get Documents” to download the documents from Adobe Sign.

Route records down the newly configured workflow and you are ready to test!



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