Version 3.35


Release Date: 2020-08-29



This is a brief summary of the most noteworthy new features

Record and Document Locking – We have added the ability to lock and unlock Records and Documents via workflow. This allows you to lock a Record/Document to a specific user so only that user can make changes. Anyone else who opens that Record/Document will be limited to Read Only access even if they would normally have Read/Write access.

Excel Data Merge Performance – We dramatically improved the performance of the Excel data merge routine by a factor of more than 10. Complex spreadsheets that used to take almost a minute to complete a merge now take around 4 seconds.

Combination Signature Pad – docMgt E-forms now have a “Combination” Signature Pad field that allows a single signature field to be used for touch/mouse signing as well as Topaz signature pad signing. This allows a single form to be used with or without signature pads via a toggle button.


New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Workflow
      • Added button option to override Indexing Automation “completion action” setting
      • Updated Create Record action to store Work Item ID in Record
      • Updated Launch URL action to do variable replacement in URL and in Target Window
      • User selection lists were updated to the format “FirstName LastName (UserName)”
      • Changed workflow reassignment list to use “type in” field instead of simple drop down
      • Move / Copy Docs Action – Changed label to show Move or Copy depending on choice
      • Added Count, Sum, Avg, Min and Max to E-form table data extraction
      • Extract Doc Data action – Add ability to group values from E-form table
      • Email Action – Show count of attachments on tab label
      • Greatly increased Excel Merge speed
      • Added Record Lock / Unlock actions
      • Added drag and drop to Create Record action field list
      • Auto-Classify – Ability to match classification phrase to entire page text by wrapping phrase in quotes (if all text on page matches all in “phrase” then match else not)
      • QuickBooks Online – Added ability to send vendor’s Invoice Number in as QBO’s Bill No (bill number)
      • Cancel Action – canceling workflow for another record using Record Context Switch no longer cancels current workflow (using Cancel All Except Me option)
      • OCR Action – No longer throwing exception if no documents match OCR criteria
      • Auto-Split – Use spaces between words for REGEX so standard regex \s logic works
      • Added support for setting and checking data values assigned to individual work items
      • Updated Parallel Merge action’s icon
    • Record Types
      • Changed Record Type Linking to allow one-way or bidirectional linking
    • Variables
      • Added ability to use double brackets to retain the brackets through replacement
      • Added ALLINDEX, OCRINDEX and BARCODEINDEX for quick single-field indexing based on OCR/Barcode data
      • SERVERVER – Gets system version
      • IF – Added support for comparing Versions using SERVERVER
      • Added PIPETOCARET and CARETTOPIPE to deal with PIPE characters within values when using variables
      • Added USERADMIN and USERREPORTING which return back YES or NO on whether the current user is an Admin or Reporting user
    • E-forms
      • Added Combined Signature Pad field that allows users to toggle between Standard and Topaz signature types
      • Added ability to dynamically load Option field selections inside Tables
      • Added ability to use variables in the After Save and After Cancel event URLs
      • Added setting that allows e-form to be routed every time it is saved and not just the first time
      • Added option to route Record instead of Document
    • Add-Ins
      • Added ability to start a new E-form from Add-In click
    • Search
      • Allow override of ‘Starts With’ preset by using tilde (~) on the front of the search string
      • Changed workflow trigger selection list into “type in” fields
      • Added link to Custom Search to bottom of search drop down
      • Added ability to search for 0-page records (using -1 for pages from in search screen)
    • Direct URLs
      • Added “UpdateLast” URL that will update the last viewed Record with incoming changes
    • System
      • User selection lists were updated to the format “FirstName LastName (UserName)”
    • Reports
      • Changed workflow user selection lists into “type in” fields
      • Added Document Upload Details report
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Added type in filter to find sites faster
    • Collaboration Portals
      • Added images, colors, etc to email and instruction panel editing
    • Viewer / Record Screen
      • Added ability to do direct index updates using hot keys
      • Added scan button on documents toolbar
      • Changed Notes filter to look at Notes, User and Date
      • Document Naming dialog shows Cat/SubCat/Name drop downs on right side
      • Defined Cat/SubCat/Name drop downs not showing if base security set to No Access
      • Made sure the Cancel button in E-form popups do not print
    • Indexing Automation
      • Indexing Screen – Added ability to do direct index updates using hot keys
      • Extended linked field limit logic to be able to have a line item linked field be limited by a header field value
    • Branding
      • Updated branding screen to show the links below the login fields in the same color they are in the actual login screen
      • Added option to set the login screen field text color separate from the page text color





This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

      • Viewer
        • DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files are not saving back to server with integration installed
        • Full text search makes each matching document load in order instead of stopping on the first match
        • Web Scanning – Cat / Sub Cat options not always showing
        • Doc list loading stops when it encounters a null category/sub categrory name
        • Email documents button does not show email addresses from Record but emails to them anyway if there are duplicates found int he Record
      • Search
        • Cascading Lists not Complete
      • Record Types
        • Misspelling on Record Type page and doc count options
      • Workflow
        • Auto-Classify – the classification system using Record Type classification logic (not Enterprise) will not stop looking for matches after it finds one so the last match wins
        • Search / Create CSV – Using incoming record for rows instead of searched records
        • Search/Run Action Set – Cannot delete record using action set
        • Loop Action – Record Types not showing up in select list
        • Line item filters not matching properly
        • SMS Messages not sending without workflow
        • Auto-Split Action – All words being used for matching instead of OCR/Barcode only
        • Extract Data action does not compute all table rows from E-form
        • Auto Split – Splits on blank values as well as value matches
        • Reassign to Users/Teams action not working in admin screen
      • Admin
        • Custom Variables – Cannot import a custom variable
        • Admin areas always showing Automation items even if admin users is limited to not show them
      • E-forms
        • Copied table columns causing “object not found” error when form saved
        • Sketch pad field not always defaulting to annotation mode
      • Collaboration Portals
        • Req’d E-forms Allow Change and User Existing options not saving
        • Cannot drag and rearrange forms and documents
      • OCR
        • OCR fails when the originating site has long URL
      • Variables
        • TABLE variable not working when used from Record screen
      • Excel Merge
        • Not all cell values get replaced
      • REST
        • Cannot save documents – PerformOCR fails
      • Integration
        • QBO – Invalid error raised when processing QBO actions without Integration being configured
      • Home page
        • Home page saved search panel can fail if the search results in too much data
      • Office and Windows Integration
        • Selecting a Category when indexing will cause error if defined Category has a defined SubCateory that is blank
      • Reports
        • F1 Help topics not linked from some report screens
      • Integration
        • PDF Form Submission – Null field values cause error saving PDF into system


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