Version 3.34


Release Date: 2020-06-27



This is a brief summary of the most noteworthy new features

DocuSign Support – We have added integration with DocuSign. This integration will allow users to send documents for signature and have them returned when they are signed. The integration will automatically file away the signed documents as well as participate in workflow to move processes along as soon as a document is signed.

Viewer Enhancements – We have added several viewer enhancements in this release. One of the biggest additions is the ability to save page rotation. After a page is rotated you can click the save button and that will update the document and re-write it with the page rotated. We have also added the ability to multi-select annotations (using CTRL click) so you can move more than one at the same time, change properties (color, line width, opacity, etc.) and also use the new Arrange menu to arrange and align a group of annotations.

Added Data Merging Support to Excel Spreadsheets – You can now use Excel spreadsheets as merge documents in the viewer and in workflow. This enables you to create nicely formatted spreadsheets complete with charts and more. docMgt merges in the data which populate the defined charts. It is a great way to present data to end users in a way that makes sense to them. With the workflow automation piece you can have the system send out completed spreadsheets via email and more.

Simplified Record SecurityWe simplified your ability to secure Records using teams. Previously in order to secure records based on team membership you needed to add a Record Security entry for each team individually. Starting with this release you can now compare a field value to any of  the teams a user is assigned to by using the [USERTEAMS()] variable.

Record Type Automation – You now have options to run actions at the Record Type level without having to run them against Records directly. This is useful for things such as nightly data synchronization, weekly alert emails, and more.


New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Workflow
      • Added [DEL] support to Search/Update
      • Added -OR- searching capability to all workflow searches (Move Documents, Search/Update, Search/Create, Search/Action Set, Search/Create CSV)
      • Added ability to use -OR- in Record/Doc data filters
      • Added ability to drag and drop to reorder the search field in workflow design panels
      • Added ability to limit OCR action to specific Document Category, SubCategory and/or Name
      • Apply Annotations – Added option to import annotations from an existing document
      • Apply Annotations – Added TEXT, IMAGE and STAMP annotation support
      • Added a “Scroll To Bottom” option on the toolbar workflow list
      • Added XLSX support for Merge Document action
      • Added User Context Switch action
      • Added option to use LInked Display values for CSV creation
      • Added option to switch Record context to the new Record in Create Record action
      • Sped up loading of Add-In property screen
      • Added complete and reject actions to Add-Ins
      • Added option to set Follow Up Trigger Date/Time using variables
      • Added variable replacement to Delete Documents action
      • Change Direct Trigger Link action to use the selected trigger in the list only if no match from the typed in value
      • Allow customization of the standard workflow email / SMS
      • Added Search and Calculate action type
      • Add full name to the ad hoc workflow dialog
      • Add full name to the workflow reassign dialog
    • Record Types
      • Record Security – Added ability to compare an index value of the current Record to a list of values using | (pipe) symbol
      • Added All Users team option to Record Security
      • Added Automation settings to run actions
      • Added option to hide record type from search/entry by marking it as a Lookup Table
    • Viewer
      • Added Sign Here and Initial Here annotations for user 1 and user 2
      • Changed document download file naming to use the document name property instead of original file name
      • Added XLSX support for merge documents
      • Ctrl/Shift click to show annotation coordinates
      • Multi-select annotations to set properties using CTRL key
      • Added alignment options for multi-selected annotations
      • Added menu option to Select All annotations
      • Added custom color selection
      • Added standard color picker to text and custom color dialog
      • Added ability to save a page’s rotation
    • Variables
      • Added USERTEAMS to return a list of team names of which the specified user is a member
      • Added INTEAM to return whether or not the specified user is a member of a specific team
      • Added CRONDESC to return human readable version of CRON expression
      • Added FIELDCOUNT to count the number of times a field is used in current Record
      • Added FIELDEL to return the field value by element number (offset)
      • Added MISSINGDOCS() method that accepts a string delimiter
    • E-forms
      • Added more icons – Campground, Tractor, Chain Link, Clipboard, Contract and more
      • Added support for check box fields inside repeaters
      • Added variable replacement on using incoming URL parameters
      • Changed Option List default value to a text field so variables can be used
      • Now saving table column values into the record when the table is set to Save To Record
      • Added user-entered options capability to radio, option and multi-option
    • Add-Ins
      • Added ability to use variables in the Add-In names
      • Added data prompt screen capability
      • Add ability to run Add-Ins from REST calls
    • Record Screen
      • Added pop up report panel to be able to run simple reports without having to move to a new section of the system
    • Search
      • Changed Add-In selections so when no Records checked the ALL options show and when any checked then the CHECKED options show
      • Added ability to search for items NOT at a specific work trigger
      • Scroll to top of page when paging thru results
    • REST
      • Added PerformOCR property to REST document object to allow for REST calls to start OCR for documents
    • DocuSign
      • Added support for document signature processing
    • Branding
      • Added image property to the email notification branding
      • Removed the icon on the left border of the emails
    • OCR
      • Updated our cloud OCR to use the latest AI engine
    • Record Preview
      • Show all data fields – not just the first 10
    • Indexing Automation
      • Reassign options now allow for selecting ANY user



This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

      • Viewer
        • Running action add-in with URLs not working properly
        • Some TIFF documents not loading in viewer
        • Emails sent are not being logged to the specific Record they were sent from
        • E-form list not always showing up om Record screen (timing issue)
        • Running Add-In from Record screen refreshes record data before redirecting when it should just redirect
      • Search
        • CSV / XLSX downloads do not download all columns – just the first 10
        • Error when only one double quote is in search query
        • Custom Search – Custom field delete option removing the wrong item
      • QuickBooks Online Integration
        • Check population code errors out when no check available
      • System
        • Password reset fails if password security set to high
        • Email logging fails when user not logged in (password reset)
      • Workflow
        • AltRecord not available in all actions
        • “Search and Run Action Set” action errors out each time
        • ChangeDocProperties action using wrong SubCategory
        • Move/Copy Documents action only moves first 25
        • Missing Documents check not working properly
        • Line Number and Max Records fields’ variable lists not showing in workflow action editing screen
      • Admin 
        • Admin system not loading in IE
        • Email test has 2 embedded email bodies
        • All User team not always showing up in Admin
        • IE has error loading Admin
        • Not all revisions are showing up in Revisions panel
        • Branding not properly saving uploaded images / logos
      • Reports
        • Storage Report times out when purging record type with large volume of documents
        • Change Log – Selecting a Changed By value returns invalid or no matches
        • OCR Results Report – Open record link has invalid character so it doesn’t take you directly to the document
        • Work Item History Report not working when specifying Work Trigger
      • E-forms
        • Field value replacement with { and } not working for table headers
        • Buttons not taking on workflow styles (background and text color)
        • Public passwords prompting when viewing internally
      • Indexing Automation
        • Split – If a document is PDF and has not changed it is still being rebuilt
      • OCR
        • If more than one document is OCR’d with the same name at the same time then one will overwrite the other
      • Preview
        • E-form not filling entire preview screen

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