Release Date: 2020-04-11


Possible Breaking Change

We removed the “DAYSUNTIL_X” and “DAYSSINCE_X” built in self-computed fields. If you still need those computed fields you can make them now using our standard computed fields technology. Set the field to READ ONLY and set the field’s default value to “[DIFF([fieldName]|[DATE]|d)]” for Days Since and “[DIFF([DATE]|[fieldName]|d)]” for Days Until.



This is a brief summary of the most noteworthy new features

Changing to UTC TimeAll Workflow, OCR, and Retention functions are now being logged in UTC time. This will make it easier to see the true timeline of multiple processes that happen between time zones. All times are converted to your local time zone for display so most users will see no difference.

Updated Storage Report – The new Storage Report not only breaks down the items per Record Type but also gives you the ability tp purge by given Record Type. This gives you more control over what items you are purging when trying to save space.

Email Messages Report – We added a new report for finding emails that were sent during a time period and by whom. Emails were always logged in the audit trail but going forward they will be logged separately in their own report space for ease of use and review.

Record Purge Change – We have updated the Record Purge logic to also delete all audit trail information for purged Records. We still keep an audit entry for the purge action but no meta data about the Record other than its unique ID are stored. This will help ensure full data purge compliance for sensitive applications.



New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Workflow
      • Added ability to add multiple fields with the same name in the Search/Update and Search/Create actions
      • Updated layout of Assignments section in admin
      • Changed workflow description to include linked field display values
      • Added Parallel Workflow Processing including a new Parallel Merge action type
      • Document Move/Copy Action – Added ability to do use Document Data search values
      • Updated Create E-form action to store the ID of the Document created into a field
      • Added work item re-assignment actions to the standard workflow action list
      • Added ability to use variables in filter check “Field Name” for greater flexibility
      • Updated Auto Split logic so ALL, OCR and BARCODE instances are handled consistently
      • Added Action to add Holds to Records
      • Added Action to remove Holds from Records
      • Updated Expectations panel to new format
      • Launch URL Action can now have the new window target specified
      • Launch URL Action now usable from Record screen, Indexing screen and Workflow console
      • Changed AUTO-CLASSIFY action to preserve initial document properties if they are not updated
      • Added ‘Related Items’ panel to Action Sets to show links to Work Triggers and Add-Ins
      • Changed Notification option to default OFF
      • Added value anchor settings to the Auto-Index logic in the Enterprise Edition
    • Reports
      • Updated the Storage Report to show resources being used by Active items and Deleted items that need purging
      • Added ability for Administrators to purge records and documents from any record type using the Storage Report
      • Added ‘No Record Type’ totals to storage report download CSV
      • Added Email report to show who sent emails, when and to whom
    • Record Types
      • Re-worked Record Type Links panel to make it more intuitive
      • Changed Record Type list to show number of Record Type Links rather than number of Retention Items
      • Added ability to define computed fields which are computed at retrieval time
      • Removed DAYSSINCE and DAYSUNTIL built in computed fields and replaced with the new computed field system
      • Record Type Retention was made much more efficient with this release by querying out only the records that need to be reviewed instead of all records that MAY need to be reviewed.
    • Indexing Automation
      • Fill in linked auto-complete fields when click indexing used in indexing screen
      • Changed logic for the Auto Classify in two ways
        • if no match is found the system preserves the original Cat/SubCat/Name for document
        • If match found but no Category is specified then the original category is used – same with sub cat and name
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Changed billing report to show current count and have average in hover instead of vice versa
    • Viewer
      • Added user option to always show the Category and Sub Category options (Edit, Upload, etc)
      • Changed Category and Sub Category options to show on hover instead of click
      • Added Document Data editing capability for documents that are not E-forms
      • Added option to view document thumbnails with larger size
      • Added new hotkeys for selecting pages
      • Now showing coordinates when hovering over full text words in left panel
    • Variables
      • Updated [MATH] method to treat blank values as 0 for calculation
      • Updated [COUNT], [MIN], [MAX], [SUM], [AVG], [JOIN], [LOOP] variables to be able to use fields from the alternate record using << and >>
      • Added UTC versions of date variables – i.e. [DATEUTC], [TIMEUTC], [HOURUTC], etc
      • Changed COLUMNS variable to accept line split so it can format an entire file at once
      • Changed [PROP] to return blank value if property does not exist on object or when value does not exist in Record
    • System
      • Changed audit logging to not log a Record change event when the thumbnail is updated by a simple view
      • Simplified public document sharing by not requiring a system-wide setting to enable it. Now controlled only by Record Type setting.
      • Added Email logging
      • Record purging now deletes all audit log data for that Record except for the log entry that the Record was purged.
    • Record Preview
      • Added ‘Please Wait’ spinner while loading documents
    • E-forms
      • Added option to override a field’s value from the Document data table
      • Added behavior where record type links in line item tables are presented as drop downs
      • Added Content-Security-Policy support to iframe options
      • Added option for Number fields to add to form calculations if the “Include in Totals” check box is selected for the field
      • Added “copy line” option to E-form tables
      • Added Credit Card authorization flow that works with Point & Pay –
      • Add ability to get the selected “Amount” value from the Radio buttons and Option lists using {fieldname:amount}
    • Add-Ins
      • Action to add Holds to Records
      • Action to remove Holds from Records
    • Record Screen
      • Added option to initiate scanning from URL commands
      • After finishing a work item the URL wil now update to have the new “current” workflow ID so a page refresh will reload the proper workflow item
      • Changed to allow routing Record even if user is already in routing context
      • Added customizable Record Screen Title that allows customization of the Record Screen title above the top panel – including color
    • Direct URL Integration
      • Added ability to initiate a scan operation from all direct URL calls
    • Search
      • Added multi-search for linked fields. Does not use auto complete but rather uses the ID value entry
      • Sped up searches where linked fields are used with display values using the Slow Mode option
    • PDF Merging
      • Added ability to remove annotations using matching logic on the annotation Subject values
    • Branding
      • Changed uploaded images to store as Public Document Shares instead of embedding image in the UI code itself




This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • Viewer
      • Splitting any doc type other than PDF makes the resulting documents not viewable
      • Sub Cat and Doc Name selectors not updating properly during Add, New or Edit functions
      • The scanning interface is not properly showing the Cat / Sub Cat / Name selections
      • Linked Records showing too many matches if based on multiple fields and any of the link values are blank
      • Split into 2 docs feature copies document instead
      • New document share link not available until list reloaded
    • System
      • Values with 2 commas are being interpreted as dates – i.e. 1,2,3 is shown as 1/2/2003
      • Audit – User objects are being saved in Audit log with passwords showing
      • Premise OCR not working on all server configs
    • Record Types
      • Linked Fields with blank values causing incorrect matches in Search and Linked Records
      • Extra spaces at beginning or end of filter values cause security to not work properly
      • Line Item fields not limited to those types that are supported at the line item level
    • E-forms
      • Calculated fields are saving their state during design time instead of computing in real time
      • Fields still require entry if they are inside of containers that are disabled
      • “Other” option for radio field not allowing users to type in custom value
      • “Previous page” button icon not correct
    • Workflow
      • Cancel action not working in Process Actions
      • Processes not executing the Assignment Actions or Completion Actions
      • Extract Data Action – When using full cell names (sheet!cell:cell) the data values do not merge properly
      • Clicking on trigger then and canceling makes trigger no longer clickable
      • Search/Create with Routing causes routed records to have improperly formatted data
      • Filter check with !# matches if the field does not exist
      • Wokflow Console – Fast lane buttons that should be hidden are showing up
      • Auto-Split not working when selecting split on value change
      • Ad hoc routing not sending notification emails
      • Admin – Selecting field value in Activation Rules value check sets TO and FROM values
    • Reports
      • Missing Documents report fails with error
      • Document Share Report is showing deleted documents or in deleted records and cannot delete them
    • Search
      • Linked fields and line items not properly showing display value
      • “Merge Checked Records” incorrectly spelled “Merged Checked Records”
      • Sorting not always working properly on Search results screen
      • Total calculations in search grid footer do not properly update when adding more items to results or when changing Num Per Page setting
    • Office Add-Ins
      • Showing an error when trying to use the printer
    • Direct URL Integration
      • SearchFieldValue, SearchValue and SearchRecordTypeValue not working
    • Home Screen
      • Panels not showing up for some users
    • Retention / Workflow
      • Only the first 25 Work Triggers are being evaluated for Follow Ups and Expectations


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