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Release Date: 2020-02-08


Possible Breaking Change

The Retention system is being overhauled with this release. We have removed the OFFLINE action type and replaced it with a BACKUP QUEUE action type. In the old OFFLINE action type the system would copy the Records into your storage folder until you copied them down manually. That is being phased out. The new BACKUP QUEUE method will mark the Records as ready for Backup then will be backed up via the Exporter Service. You will need to install and configure Exporter in order to make the Backup method work. See the help documentation regarding Retention and Routing for more instructions on configuring Exporter Service. If you have any OFFLINE actions you need to update them to the new BACKUP QUEUE action after upgrade!



This is a brief summary of the most noteworthy new features

Sub Categories – This version adds support for one more level of document indexing – Sub Category. This level will be in between Category and Name in the document list hierarchy. All client tools support the new Sub Category. Importer Service and Exporter Service must be separately updated to get this new functionality. IMPORTANT: If you are using the PDF Merge Add-In with Exporter then you must be sure to upgrade that Add-In at the same time as Exporter to ensure proper operation.

Remote Support – docMgt 3.23 adds the ability for support personnel to log in using a specific account to do support work on the server. Access through this system is requested by the support personnel and is only granted if the server is configured to allow it. It also only provides access for a limited time so the support account is not left open. This prevents having open-ended back door accounts for support. Additionally, any time this feature is used an email is sent to all system admins to alert them to the login. Th Remote Support feature is enabled by default and can be disabled in the site’s Admin settings.

Workflow – This version introduces a new concept called ‘Action Sets’. Action Sets allow you to centrally define a set of actions that can be executed as a single workflow action. This creates reusable actions that are managed in one place and used in several places. This is perfect for instances where you perform the same validations or updates in more than one workflow. You can create an Action Set then call that Action Set as a workflow action from the many triggers in the system. Action Sets are also usable from Add-Ins.

Document Manipulation – The view now includes the ability to remove pages, re-arrange pages, and split documents. You can also drag pages from one document into a new document by dropping the pages onto a Category or Sub Category marker in the viewer.


Retention – We are phasing out the “Take Offline” retention option and are replacing it with a “Backup” option. The old Take Offline would make ZIP file copies of records in the cloud and would do a direct copy of records to a folder for premise systems. The new “Backup” option will use the same mechanism for both cloud and premise which will simplify implementation and support. We are also leveraging our Exporter Service to do the data transport so we can use Add-Ins during the Backup process if desired.

NOTE: All retention date and time values are now based on Universal Date Time instead of Local Date Time. This means all actions taken will be logged in the universal time zone. For more information on the Universal Time Zone see this link (external site). We have done our best to translate all original values used to UTC but there may be a few hours difference in times while the system processes its current Retention items.


New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Search
      • Added ability to search by records in specific workflow trigger (step)
      • Added totals to each Record’s Line Item list
      • Added more enhanced support for phrase searching to Enterprise Edition
      • Added Docs, Pages, Created and Changed to the CSV download list
      • Added Line Item data to CSV download
      • Added option to search for Records marked as “Favorite” within a Record Type
    • Admin
      • Implemented Expire Date feature for users so user accounts can expire automatically (Users)
      • Added option for user accounts to be marked “inactive” so they will not be allowed to log in
      • Added option to allow Remote Support for hosted sites (Main Options)
      • Removed Active property for Record Type as it was just performing a Delete action anyway
      • Added option to replace variables during record save instead of before entry
      • Added warnings to OCR / Rendering options in Record Type since they can cause duplicate processing if using Workflow
    • Workflow
      • Added “Action Sets” that allow admins to define sets of actions that can be used in workflow actions.
      • Added Copy option to Move Documents action
      • Added control over the From and To Record during Move or Copy Document operations
      • Added destination Cat / Sub Cat and Name during Move or Copy Document operations
      • Refactored Workflow Actions and Follow Up Actions operations to make them easier to support and expand
      • We are now saving Record data before calling E-form creation to ensure any changed data is available to E-form
      • Added Line Number to the value check filter
      • Added support for Sub Category on all applicable Workflow Actions
      • Added “Throw Exception” action type which will stop workflow processing, undo any updates possible and send error message back to user
      • Added option to compress PDFs after merge action
      • Added option to compress documents that are converted to PDF
      • Changed Follow Up actions to have recurrence done at the Follow Up level and not the individual Action level
      • Removed “Log to Record Notes” option from Follow Ups. If this functionality is required users can use a “Record Note” action instead.
      • Clicking on buttons in Overview panel now open the User Buttons panel
      • Added Percentage filter that allows you to have a trigger activated X% of the time based on a random number match
      • Removed Indexing Automation OCR Screen option from Work Trigger General options screen. This was held over from previous versions and is no longer used.
      • Added action to Search and Create CSV
      • Added action to add to CSV
      • Added purge option to Delete Documents action
      • Added ability to run actions without a Record by using temporary data instead of Record data
      • Added ability to copy and paste entire action lists to/from workflow actions and action sets
      • Now allows Sheet Name and Data Range to be included in Excel data extraction using the syntax of “Sheet!Cell:Cell”
      • Added Create Text Document action
      • Added Loop action that can execute multiple actions in order inside a loop
      • Added ability to deactivate an Action so you can leave it intact but have workflow skip it
      • Added option to Workflow Cancel action to continue processing subsequent actions before cancelingMulti-Tenant
      • Added ability for Admins to add temporary ‘Remote Support’ login user to be able to log into a hosted site. This only works if the site has its remote login support enabled.
      • Added Document Context Switch action
      • Set focus in text box when dropping down action type selector
      • Added action to Merge Existing Documents together
    • Security
      • Added email alerts to administrators when a Remote Support account logs in
      • Added option to User accounts to make their logins inactive
    • Add-Ins
      • Added ability to run Action Sets as Add-In actions
      • Set focus in text box when dropping down action type selector
    • Config Manager
      • Added support for Importing/Exporting Action Sets
    • REST
      • Added Sub Category property on documents
      • Added the following User properties
        • LastPasswordChange
        • ExpireDate
        • LoginActive
    • E-Forms
      • Added support for Sub Category to Form properties as well as File Upload and Doc View fields
      • Added custom message to be displayed for required fields that are not filled out
      • Added option for allowing forms to be shown in iframes
    • System
      • Added modal editor for fields (CTRL-SHIFT-E in Field selector, Document Selector or Variable Selector fields)
      • Changed Enterprise Icon from Award to Trophy
    • Variables
      • Added [FIELD()] method as a more verbose way of handling naming conflicts
      • Added [NUMPAGES] and [NUMDOCS]
      • Added [TITLECASE] / [PROPERCASE]
      • Added [DOCIDS]
    • Viewer
      • Added Sub Category property on documents
      • Now allow users to save their document sort changes
      • Changed SAVE CHANGES  button to smaller button in Documents heading
      • Added ability to delete pages from documents
      • Added ability to split document into 2 documents
      • Added ability to rearrange pages in documents using the thumbnails with drag and drop
      • Added ability to drag documents onto Cat / Sub Cat headings to move them
      • Added ability to drop pages onto Cat / Sub Cat markers to make new documents
      • Now hiding tools on Category / SubCategory bar by default to keep UI cleaner
      • Page rotation is now preserved while viewing current document
      • Changed TEXT viewer to a mono-space font for better text layout
      • Added text editing support for *.SQL documents
    • QuickBooks
      • Increased the number of items that can be processed at one time
      • Made sync cycles more efficient
    • Branding
      • Added option to override Toolbar logo at the Team level (Enterprise Edition Only)
    • Reports
      • Added ability to reassign work items to ANY user as well as predefined users in Current Work Items Report
    • Indexing Automation
      • Added Quick Notes capability to Indexing screen
    • Retention
      • Added a Backup option to Retention that utilizes Exporter Service to do the work of pulling information down. This makes the process much cleaner and more flexible.
      • Added Backup Queued event that logs when Records are marked to be backed up
      • Added Backup Done event that logs when Records are actually backed up to local drives
      • Changed Date/Time settings to use Universal Date and Time as its base
    • REST
      • Changed dmRESTHelper.RecordSearch.PageNum object to default to the value 1



This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • Admin
      • User Password and Password Verify fields are filled in sometimes. They need to be blank when loaded.
    • Viewer
      • PDF Merge not working
      • Arrow annotation not drawing the arrow head when printing, downloading or burning in annotations
      • Sub Categories not sorting properly
      • Viewer expands all Categories when loading when it should only expand if sub categories are used or if only one category
    • Workflow
      • Apply Annotation opacity not allowing decimals
      • Required Document Check not working properly
      • Not all Follow Up Actions were being triggered
      • More than one Default Complete or Default Reject option is possible
      • Workflow Console incorrectly filters items as No Record Type
      • Record Context Switch action not working
      • Cancel action not stopping workflow
      • Workflow console does not always remove work items from the list when Fast Lane button clicked
      • Workflow rule using * is matching for non-existent variables
      • Document existence not working with variables
      • Workflow trigger restore not showing deleted trigger list
      • Search and Update is returning too many Records which can potentially slow down the system
    • Variables
      • WFASSIGNEDNAME not working
      • Workflow value replacement is using line item data instead of header data
    • E-Forms
      • Line Item tables not populating option list options
      • Containers have horizontal scroll bar
      • Cannot load Record Type list if too many Record Types are defined
    • Indexing Automation
      • SPLIT – Document Category, Sub Category and Name are not preserved during split operations
    • Search
      • ‘Date Changed’ label in search results incorrectly labeled ‘Date Created’
      • Edit checked records is updating line item values
      • Enterprise Full Text searching causes searching outside of selected Record Type
      • Search from header does not show “Please Wait” dialog immediately
    • System
      • Some values being incorrectly interpreted as dates – example: 01-0178.01
      • Work Item Filter cookie not saving
      • Possible memory leak creating images
    • Record Types 
      • Tracking properties not available
    • Home
      • Errors show when locking search panel to record type without any Records