Release Notes

Version 3.29

Release Date: 2019-08-10



This is a brief summary of the biggest and/or most interesting new features

Out of Office Support – We have added a new Out Of Office feature that controls the assignment of new work items. If a user is out of office all new items can be assigned to a different user. This can be controlled within the user’s settings and also in the Admin / User properties.

Record Change Alerts– Users can decide to be alerted by email any time one of their “favorite” records change. Changes include data value changes, notes, document add/edit/delete and more.

Area Administrators– You can now specify Administrators who only have access to certain areas. This is useful if you need a user who can work in E-Forms but nothing else or someone who can manage users but not system settings.

Security Enhancements– We have added a custom password security policy setting and a password change requirement option.

Workflow Features– We now have a new Document Extraction action that extracts data values from Word Forms, PDF Forms and Spreadsheets.

Auto-Purge Documents– There is now an option in the Record Type to automatically purge any document that is deleted within that Record Type. Using this feature should be a security / policy decision and should be used with care. Remember, any documents purged are NOT recoverable.

Indexing Screen Changes– New indexing screen features include splitting line item entries, entering dates using MMDDYY or MMDDYYYY (DDMMYY and DDMMYYYY for European date formats), improved number rounding and currency formatting.



New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Indexing Automation
      • Added ability to split a line item into multiple using percentages
      • Changed entry screen to hide fields that are marked as Search only
      • Changed modules to use only truly merge-able document types
      • Added ability to type in dates as MMDDYY or MMDDYYYY for US date formats
      • Added ability to type in dates as DDMMYY or DDMMYYYY for European date formats
      • Improved the automatic rounding of number values during entry
      • Auto-applying currency formatting if field set up for that
    • E-Forms
      • Updated button colors
      • Added padding to bottom of form
      • Lined up the flex column fields with the fields outside of the flex columns to make form field widths more uniform
      • Changed “Text Label” field to not be bold by default
      • Added option to specify template for option field display values
      • Added capability to show deleted user in user list in existing form if it was already selected prior to being deleted
      • Added option to set focus to the first fields in the form
      • Moved the “Show Form In” option to the general E-From Settings panel
      • Added notes field to each field in designer
      • Added feature to see list of all field names in form (admin screen)
    • Search
      • Removed the “Click to Route” icon on each row
      • Improved “Last Record Opened” highlighting
      • Changed search options to save to the database instead of a cookie
      • Updated DELETE ALL function to be more efficient
      • Added border between pages of results so user knows where the new records start when they use the “Load More” option
      • Added option to search your workflow items in a specific Record Type with one click
      • When clicking on a Record from a search that was performed using the “Currently assigned to me in workflow” option, the Record will open in workflow context as if it was opened from the Workflow list.
    • Admin
      • Removed the old Admin system
      • Added licensing options to the Server Software tab
      • Added Search options to the list of options that are propagated to other users in admin
      • Added Restore functionality to all objects that support it
      • Added ‘Out Of Office’ support to User settings
      • Added password expire frequency to force password changes at regular intervals
      • Added Custom option to Password Security Level setting that allows for custom password requirements
      • Added custom password fail message to users when they try to use a password that does not meet the requirements
      • Added specific area selections for admin rights.
    • Multi-Tenant Site Admin
      • Added First Bill Date and Last Bill Date information to site list screen
      • Added totals to billing report
      • Changed all dialogs to NOT use fade – iPhones do not work properly with Bootstrap dialog fade
    • Viewer
      • We are now automatically adding any available email addresses form the current Record into the TO address field when starting a new email
      • Made text-based files (TXT, JSON, IN, LOG, etc.) printable to PDF
    • Recycle Bin
      • Added options to Purge or Restore only the records that matched your last recycle search
    • Record Screen
      • Option field will now show value when the value does not match defined options
      • Linked Records now will show total records found, will show the first 25 of them and provide a button to search for all of them
      • Added filter to search within notes
      • Added an option to show/hide the floating workflow panel
    • Workflow
      • Added ability to “orphan” workflow items so the workflow can continue after an item is assigned
      • Auto Split Action – if no doc name specified then the first doc name is now used (previously name was left blank)
      • Added option to Assignment panel to determine whether or not to send record data in notification emails (security enhancement)
      • Updated Document Check action to look for blank Category or Name if # is used as value
      • Added ‘Out Of Office’ support to workflow
      • Added text filter to the main workflow panel so users do not have to open the filter panel to use it
      • Added Document Extraction action type
      • Changed Record Note and Document Note actions to multi-line entry
      • Added name filter to workflow action selector
      • Changed default filter type to Record Value Check (previously was Record Type)
      • Adding new trigger in admin screen now sets default assignment to user currently logged in
      • Workflow actions rules evaluation changed to check rules immediately before each action instead of checking them once before all actions execute
      • Added an Override for the floating workflow panel in the Record screen
    • User Settings
      • Added option in user settings that will alert users any time any of their “favorite” records are changed in any way
      • Added ‘Out Of Office’ support to settings
    • PDF Merge
      • Updated merge routine to be able to fill in read-only fields
    • Record Types
      • Added auto-purge setting in Record Type so deleted docs are purged immediately
      • Added formatting to line items number and date fields
      • Added option to show linked field values’ display value in search results
      • Added icons in field list to fields that have auto-indexing configured
    • Home
      • Added percentage graphic display to Home panels when using numeric field with percentage formatting (same as in search results)
    • Variables
      • Added DOCUMENTBINARY64 that would return the contents of a document in Base64-Encoded format. This is useful for POST-ing documents inside a REST workflow action.
      • Added SPLITSTRUCT to restructure a string by splitting and re-joining elements
    • Client Tools
      • Updated all in-line client tools to use new code signing certificate
      • Updated Office Add-Ins to use new code signing certificate
    • Direct URLs
      • Added SearchAdd, SearchOnly and AddOnly for searching and/or adding via URL
    • Security
      • Added more rights checks for Adding, Editing and Deleting Records en mass


This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • Viewer
      • “New Form” button does not work when documents panel collapsed
      • Download not working in viewer (fixed applied to 3.28 during roll out)
      • PowerPoint documents not printing or converting to PDF
    • Search
      • Search fails when using Asset Tracking (fixed applied to 3.28 during roll out)
      • Record Type heading not highlighted any more (fixed applied to 3.28 during roll out)
      • Internet Explorer cannot render search page (applied to 3.28)
      • Clicking document thumbnail does not open document – just the Record
      • Clicking thumbnail does not open in new window if option set
      • Formatting settings from header fields being applied to line item fields
      • Percent graphic not working properly on IE 11
      • Multi-delete causes infinite loop if any of the records cannot be deleted
    • E-Forms
      • Min/Max dates for calendar not working on manually entered dates
      • List of forms not sorted properly
      • Advanced field computations not always working
      • If a Signature field (Check box only) is marked as Required then it always stop form submission – even when checked on.
    • Reports
      • Reports are not accepting dates in search forms that have been primed with a default value
    • Admin
      • Version in docMgt Server Software panel is not correct
      • ‘Manager’ misspelled in Work Trigger / Assignments panel under “Managers Responsible”
      • Team section not allowing save to Team after adding users and saving once
      • Record Types not deleting from administration list
      • Workflow Emails – TO addresses (to, cc, bcc) asking for semi-colons but using commas
    • Workflow
      • Work Items not being properly closed out when completed (no user impact – housekeeping item)
      • Error when users try to open Ad Hoc routed items
      • Split process is removing the processing variables
      • Split action NumPerPage setting is being ignored
      • Split only routes the first item when in a Process
      • Variables using [USERS(team)] not working for email addresses if anyone in team has an empty email address
      • Button conditions allow button to continue if ANY of the conditions are met instead of if ALL are metPDF Merge
      • Merge not placing annotations in correct locations
      • Invalid data read causes work trigger expectation to send erroneous emails
    • Record Screen
      • Workflow tray covered up by document list
      • Linked Record data is showing line item values
      • After e-form opens, the browser scrolls to top of screen
      • Purging a document shows status of Restoring instead of Purging
    • Record Preview
      • Record data is showing line item values
    • Help
      • Parts of the Workflow help section are missing from the Help section
    • Installer
      • Installer not connecting to SQL server when TLS 1.2 is configured on the machine
    • Indexing Automation
      • Indexing – Search returns records in other Record Types
      • Indexing – When attaching indexed record to existing record, processing variables do not transfer to new record
    • Scanning
      • Typing in category in non-record type causes scanning application to fail
    • PDF Merge
      • Opening merged form in Adobe prompts to save the form when closing
      • Images and annotations only merge into PDF if form fields are present in document

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