Version 3.26

Release Date: 2019-03-30

New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Client Utilities
      • Updated all client utilities to use TLS version 1.2 for enhanced security
    • E-Forms
      • Added ‘transparent’ option to color pickers
      • Added “Fixed Column Height” option to Flex Column fields
      • Updated Address block (City, State, ZIP) to use Flex Columns for layout
      • Added option to set form max width
      • Added option to use hyphen to keep panel title visible with no text
      • Added “Center” alignment for labels which places the label under the field
      • Added option to align Radio Buttons as left, center or right
      • Added Custom Style settings for Form, Page and Field levels
      • Added option to show the SAVE button while in workflow
      • Added text alignment property to TextArea, Phone and Email fields
      • Added ability to set Amount values (apply to Total Amount of form) per color in the Color Picker field
      • Added variable replacement support to document name/category
      • Added button in E-Form panel (New Admin) to Copy the Public URL of the form
      • Added branding colors as replacement options for form, page and field color options
    • Record
      • Added CTRL-Click to words in OCR Panel to be able to perform global search on clicked word
      • Added image word hover highlighting with CTRL-Click to search when OCR Panel is open
    • Search
      • Moved SAVE button in the Saved Search drop down panel to the footer
      • Added SAVE button to Search page to save searches from the actual search results screen
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Added link to web site on billing page
      • Added “Change PAssword” function
    • Workflow
      • Added ability to spawn child a workflow from Create and Search/Create actions
      • Added option to auto-complete parent if last child is completed
      • Increased speed of email delivery which also speed up workflow processing                
      • Added ‘Processes’ which contain their own triggers and child processes
    • Office Integration
      • Changed BACK button on Record screen to say BACK TO LOGIN to avoid confusion
    • Indexing Automation
      • Added support for JPG and GIF files in indexing screens
    • QuickBooks
      • Now bringing Account Number over for accounts so it can be used for indexing
    • Admin
      • Added help section for the new Administration screens
      • Added option to use the New or Old admin system by default
      • Added important information to admin screens such as security risks and performance issues
    • Home
      • Added ability to place Saved Searches on the Home page as panels
      • Added behavior to Home panels where if all Records in panel are from one Record Type then the List View shows in formatted grid
      • Made list view panels show only as many columns as can be shown nicely at view size (like search results page)
    • Record Types
      • Added option for populating multiple fields when selecting an item in a Linked Field
      • Change Linked Records to not return current record’s record type twice when linking a Record Type to itself
      • Added permissions to documents based on Record values
      • Added option to Link Limits to have extra limits placed on Entry mode (to avoid inactive records for new entry)
    • Variables
      • Added branding colors and branding image URLs to variables


This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • Record
      • Save prompt happens when line items shown even if no changes made
      • IE will not load the page properly (this fix was integrated into 3.25 release)
      • New E-Form submission from Record page does not refresh the meta data
      • Extra space in RecordType variable definition causes record screen to not match to record type
      • Cannot download non-printable document types
      • ‘Print Document’ function not sizing output PDF correctly
      • Workflow buttons showing for next step even if it is not my step
      • PDFs with certain, specific properties are not rendering
      • Document name selectors not showing for predefined document names
    • Indexing Automation
      • Indexing – Record type variables not set properly when changing record from one Record Type to another
      • Some document page counts return a large negative number due to error parsing document
      • Indexing – Cursor bounces between fields
      • Indexing – User list fields not displaying users in the drop down list
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Billing report has wrong page count due to negative page counts in documents table
    • Workflow
      • Admin Beta – Delete work trigger not working from trigger list
      • Using E-Form as initial view of work item causes Record values to be blanked out if form fields are blank
    • SQL Server
      • Added more logic to avoid deadlocks during search
    • REST
      • Changed Login method to write into the login report every time it is called
      • Upload Document (documents/#/binary POST) not working unless SkipRevision set to False
    • Office Integration
      • URL not correct for the “open after upload” option
      • Tray application errors on load and errors opening settings
    • OCR
      • Not performing OCR on normal images (PNG, JG, GIF, etc)
    • Site
      • Icons not showing. Needed to update CDN URL to new URL scheme for FontAwesome
    • E-Forms
      • Public E-Forms not passing query string when redirected from custom name
    • Search
      • User list fields not displaying users in the drop down list
    • Config Manager
      • Too many e-forms in config file breaks import
    • QuickBooks
      • Vendors and Customers not being deactivated during sync

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