Version 3.25

Release Date: 2019-02-16

New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Scanning Client
      • Made the Name field a drop down based on the Record Type
    • Merge Document
      • Added ability to specify Category for merge documents in the Word Add-In
    • E-Forms
      • Added ability to limit the file types that can be selected in the File Upload field
      • Added visual aid to e-form list to show whether or not the e-form will be routed on save
    • Home
      • When Search panel locked to a Record Type, all panels refresh to show only that Record Type’s information
      • When Search panel locked to a Record Type, all panel searches show only that Record Type’s records
    • Workflow
      • Search/Create and Search/Update actions can now operate on Line Item data
      • Added Line Item fields as an option in all field selectors
      • Added Expectations feature (Available via BETA admin screen)
      • Added Filtered Assignments feature (Available via BETA admin screen)
      • Added Record Create action (Available via BETA admin screen)
      • Added Record Context Switch action (Available via BETA admin screen)
      • Rearranged work action drop down list to be better organized
    • Tool bar
      • Made search drop down panel wider
    • Not Found Page
      • Updated look of the Not Found page
    • Record
      • Removed several progress dialogs that get in the way of page rendering
    • QuickBooks
      • Added support for Customer/Job in indexing line items to QB
      • Added support for getting the Check Number back into docMgt after the bill has been paid and checks printed in QB
    • New Administration Interface (BETA)
      • Added storage report to Record Types
      • Added usage report to E-Forms
      • Added user access report to Record Types
      • Added software panel with links to all installers
      • Added IP limit function to user login report
      • Added Latest Searches report to Users
      • Updated to make system more mobile friendly
      • Added workflow usage graphs
      • Added Overview tab which includes:
        • Usage charts
        • Common option buttons
        • Favorite administrative functions
      • Added ability to download color themes from cloud
      • Added revision support for all major object types which allows admin to roll back to older version of the object
    • System
      • Update page count logic to get count on each upload
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Added First Billing Date to billing report title
      • Added filtering to site list page
      • Added BILLING user right that gives someone access to see site list and run billing reports only
      • Added NumPages to billing reports
    • Login screen
      • Made entire right-side image a click area for the programmed URL
    • Reports
      • Added System Options and Branding to the Change Log report
    • Record Preview
      • Added drop down option to open Record in new window


This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • Record
      • Link that opens the Record Type editor has old format
      • Storage report not accounting for records not in Record Types
      • Clicking e-form workflow button in viewer does not refresh record data
      • Notes pop up shows empty drop down on right if no quick notes defined
    • Merge Document
      • Fields with spaces do not merge properly in Word / PDF merge forms
    • Home
      • Record Type selection cookie does not always work
    • Web Page URLs
      • Relative links using A HREF not working (HTML5Mode issue)
    • Search
      • Changed sorting to ensure order integrity if sort yields many records with same sort field values
      • Grid results calculations fail when comma in numeric value
      • Full text search not returning hits for multiple terms
    • Self-Hosted Admin
      • Usage graph won’t show for users when icon clicked
    • Record Types
      • Filter using # does not work if data value does not exist – only works when exists and is blank
    • Indexing Automation
      • Index field values not populating because of case-sensitivity
    • Variables
      • Search/replace fails when bracket not found as last character
    • Add-ins
      • Full screen add-ins do not fill height of screen
    • E-Forms
      • If height property of Topaz Signature Pad field left empty then signature show up but will not save
      • Public e-forms not loading (missing dependency)
    • Viewer
      • PDF documents internally rotated to 90 or 270 degrees render with incorrect dimensions
      • DEMO license annotations not going away after licensing
    • In-Line Importer
      • In-Line Importer fails with un-signed assembly error
    • Installer
      • Server installer will not run on a machine that does not have IIS installed
    • Workflow
      • Record search action reporting no match when match found based on max # to return
    • Login screen
      • Rotating ads not showing images
    • Config Manager
      • Import not configuring linked line items field properly

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