Version 3.23

Release Date: 2018-12-15

New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Record Types
      • Added Record Security to secure Records by field name/value pairs
      • Made Cascading Option lists easier to maintain and re-order in Record Type setup screen
      • Added ability to link Record Types so records from each type can easily relate to one another
      • Added NOT logic to Record Type match logic
    • System Options
      • Allow administrator to specify the email address to use for test emails
      • Added ability to set the Base Server URL as used in emails
      • Added option to allow Public PDF form submissions (defaults to FALSE)
      • Added ability to check for server updates
      • Added support for Active Directory integration
    • Security
      • Added option for users to be able to reset their password themselves from the login page
      • Added @RECORDLOCK data variable to lock Record from changes
      • Added @MERGE data variable to allow newly uploaded Records to match and merge at the server
    • Miscellaneous
      • Updated all web client calls to use TLS 1.2 for future compatibility
      • Added Preview option to Record thumbnails
    • Reports
      • Updated User Login Report to allow Admins to block an IP right from the report
      • Added a User Password Resets report
      • Added Action Taken to Current Work Items Report ‘Work Item Path’ pop up
      • Changed date format to full format on workflow reports
      • Added ‘Assigned To’ to the Current Work Items report CSV download
      • Changed Storage Report to show all Record Types in single report
    • Viewer
      • Added viewing support for hosted video files (YouTube / Vimeo)
      • Added button to attach an on-line video to a Record
      • Enabled drag and drop upload from any area inside category panel – not just the heading
    • Workflow
      • Added Record Preview option to toolbar workflow list
      • Added option for accepting email replies as workflow actions via “fast Lane” option (cloud only)
      • Changed Workflow Console to remember filters between sessions
      • Changed Workflow tool bar drop down to have filtering capabilities similar to Workflow Console
      • Added ! as a NOT character for workflow actions
      • Added Record preview to Workflow Console and Workflow Manager
      • Updated workflow icons
      • Added option for work trigger to be configured as a “Parallel Trigger
    • Home
      • Added Record Preview option to record thumbnails
      • Added Quick Start information for new users or any time when no panels are visible
    • Integration
      • Added a new Integration Option for PDF Form Submission
      • Added “hidetoolbar” query string option for turning on/off the toolbar via Direct URLs
    • Admin
      • Added links to the Options page to download the latest Importer and Exporter installers
      • Added ability to import multiple Teams in User CSV Import
    • Toolbar
      • Added CTRL-Click of Recent option to take you to your last viewed Record
      • Added HOME button and change logo to go to Start page
      • Added Custom Search option to the tool bar
      • Change My Settings option to be a pop up instead of page
    • E-Forms
      • Changed CTRL-Z to not undo entire form when cursor is in fields
      • Added option to replace the current e-form with an exported form/version
    • Search
      • Now showing Record ID, Date Created and Date Changed in search results
      • Added ! as a NOT character for searches (acts the same as ~ character)
    • Office Integration
      • Added REG files to installer for 64-bit Office installations
    • Record Screen
      • Add Operation to Data Changed pop up report
    • Variable Replacement
      • Added REQUESTOREMAIL to the variable list
    • REST
      • Changed Login method to log into the login report every time it is called
      • Added support for getting and clearing notifications


This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • E-Forms
      • Signature Pad fields marked as Required can be filled then cleared and still act as though it is still filled
      • Form not loading when field verification required (JavaScript error)
    • Record
      • User without access can view Record if direct link known
    • Reports
      • User Login Report has IP and Date columns switched on CSV download
      • Data Change Report – Audit values not deserializing properly
    • Viewer
      • Viewer print with IE does not work properly
      • PDF INK annotations not rendering
    • Search/Entry
      • Auto-complete not working when using Link Limits in linked field types
    • Search
      • DOCID:# search not taking user directly to document
    • Config Manager
      • Config Manager will not load JSON files from disk
    • Home
      • ‘Search These Records’ function not working from Home / Asset Assigned panel

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