Version 3.22

Release Date: 2018-11-03

New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Record Screen
      • Added ability to dock panels as full width or half width
      • Added option for tall or short panels
      • Added support for embedding Add-Ins as panels
      • Swapped Scan/Upload icons on Category panel header
      • Added option for users to cancel asset requests directly from Record page
    • Record Types
      • Added Record Type name to header when editing
      • Added icons to record type definition and display
    • Add-Ins
      • Changed icon selector to standard icon list selector
      • Added options to use add-ins from the search results page
      • Added option to show add-in for records that have NO record type
      • Added support for embedding Add-Ins as panels ion the Home and Record pages
    • Workflow
      • Added search capability to the icon selector
      • Added auto-classify option to be able to classify documents inside of a Record based on the Record Type’s Defined Documents list
      • Added ‘Started’ line to tool bar workflow list items
      • Added option for workflow buttons to perform a data save before processing (Record screen and Indexing screen only)
      • Added option for workflow buttons to be able to be “quick clicked” in the workflow console
      • Added action to change Due Date and Global Due Date
      • Added action to delete Full Text data from database
      • Added description/notes field to triggers to better explain their usage
      • Added Asset Tracking actions to detect when workflow is triggered by an Asset Request or an Asset ASsignment.
      • Added Asset Tracking Workflow option to enable the asset tracking to interact with the workflow system
      • Added Cancel Asset Request action
      • Changed wording of default workflow notifications to remove the word “Assigned” so it would not conflict with asset tracking wording
    • Viewer
      • Added document page count into document list
      • Added option to rebuild document with only checked pages
      • Make auto-scroll more dependable when opening docs
    • System
      • Removed number icons from all header menus except Workflow
      • Made record type drop-down in tool bar left aligned
      • Added Asset Request / Workflow interaction
    • E-Forms
      • Added title of color name to color picker
      • Added Default Value setting for color picker
      • Updated look of color picker
      • Added support for workflow note prompts
      • Added variable replacement logic using the column value
      • Added setting to keep Option Lists in sync with the Record Type option list
    • Home
      • Added option for tall or short panels
      • Added support for embedding Add-Ins as panels
    • OCR
      • Added ability to use @FIRSTNPAGES variable to set the number of pages to OCR from the beginning of the document
    • Search
      • Changed search logic so entering one date is open-ended range and not exact search
    • NetLabels
      • Added a Name property so the same design could be used more than once
    • Reports
      • Asset Assignments – Status check box needs to be a drop down so users can select from 3 options instead of 2
      • Added Missing Sequence report
    • Scanning
      • Updated look of the scanning application
    • Asset Tracking
      • Add Record Type name to Request notification emails


This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • Home
      • Canceling an Asset Request does not remove it from the list
      • Asset Requests show object code instead of Record values in list view
      • Added ability to dock panels as full width or half width
    • Workflow
      • Tool bar workflow drop down items not sorted properly
      • Cannot use HTML encoded characters in variables within email body (<, >, <=, >=, <> all convert to &gt;, etc before variable replacement)
      • Search action summary screen shows “between FROM and FROM” in admin section
      • Hitting ENTER in top section of workflow designer changes the first condition
      • Workflow Console takes too long to load when there is a lot of history
    • E-Forms
      • Only max of 25 users show up in User option list
      • Only max of 25 users show up in Team option list
      • Option list not selecting default value
      • Color picker does not show required color in designer
    • Reports
      • Asset Status Report fails when Record does not contain a defined field
      • OCR Results report shows error when auto-refreshing with no entries in report
      • User lists load slowly on all reports
    • Indexing Automation
      • Auto-Index does not recognize words from pages after split operation is committed when using new OCR method
    • Variable Replacement
      • Two Variables back to back with ][ touching skips second one
    • Viewer
      • When dragging a document all category counts go to 1
      • Category (not documents) shows in list for users who do not have access to that Category
    • Add-Ins
      • Add-Ins not showing in Records that have no Record Type
    • System
      • Layout flashes back and forth when resizing
      • Propagating a user’s options to all can erase ALL users’ settings if the user whose options are propagated has no Home options set
      • Field Selector shrinks when no Record Type selected
    • OCR
      • System not completing workflow if OCR job had to retry
      • Cloud OCR using Coordinated Universal Time for all date/time stamping instead of the preferred time zone
    • Search
      • Multi-value option list searching not available in search screen
      • Searching with or without documents not working in search screen
      • Blank record type field headers cause JavaScript error
      • Container link shows even if container data empty


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