Version 3.21

Release Date: 2018-09-14

New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • OCR
      • Change OCR engine to store the full text data more efficiently. We have effectively cut the storage requirements in half with this version!
      • Added options to process OCR only or Barcodes only or both during OCR process
        • @OCRMODE = OCR (only OCR)
        • @OCRMODE = BARCODE (only barcode)
        • The absence of the @OCRMODE variable will perform both
      • Added support for @OCRMINLEN to instruct the OCR engine what minimum length words are acceptable (default = 4)
    • Workflow Console
      • Changed the console to only show the first 6 fields in the list to keep the display cleaner
    • Workflow Manager
      • Converted display to use columns for items
      • Added Search box for filtering items
    • Record Screen
      • Changed documents panel to not scroll to bottom on initial load
      • Added option to view PDFs in-line using the native Adobe viewer on the local machine (requires Adobe Reader at client)
    • Record Types
      • Added option to specify the default search sort order
      • Make Grid View the default results view
      • Make 50 Records per page the default
    • Indexing Automation
      • Changed behavior of all workflow buttons to proceed to next item or home or record as desired in the user settings. This mirrors the functionality of what happens after the Complete button is pressed.
      • Changed Classify screen to show all thumbnails as the selected size and not just the available pages
      • Added Cascading Option List field support to Indexing screen
    • Search
      • Changed tool bar search box so if the current user has only one search-able Record Type then the search screen inherits that one search-able Record Type’s settings. This means the Grid vs Thumbnail view, # results per page and sort order settings will all be used from the general search if the user has only one search-able Record Type available.
      • Added ability to use full text searching methods for standard data values and not only OCR data
      • Hide workflow route icon if workflow not enabled
    • Variable Replacement
      • Added ISDATE capabilities
      • Added more options to the REPLACE method
    • E-Forms
      • Added color picker field type
      • RecordID and DocumentID values in the Documents field type can now be variables filled in from fields
      • Documents field now hides document thumbnails if less than 2 documents are shown
      • Changed TOTALAMOUNT logic to not include hidden fields in totals calculations
      • Added auto-scroll to top of form when navigating from page to page in e-form
      • Removed extra blank row from top of Option List fields
      • Removed PlaceHolder support from option lists
      • Added CTRL-Z support for Undo in E-Form designer
      • Added COPY and CUT options to all field headers
      • Changed field header look and feel
      • Added option to hide field headers in designer
      • Added Minimum and Maximum dates to Date/Calendar field
      • Added Minimum and Maximum values to Shopping Cart field
      • Added ability to insert rows in tables
    • System
      • Added shortcut icons for importing, scanning and routing directly on Record thumbnails throughout the system
      • Changed file type of all item exports (Triggers, E-Forms, Record Type, etc.) to *.json instead of *.txt
      • Support Information panel in header not lining up properly
    • REST
      • Add SearchView and NumPerPage as RecordType options
      • Add SortOrder as Record Search option
    • Asset Tracking
      • Added button to add favorite records into the multi-asset screen


This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • Viewer
      • Full text words not highlighted properly after search
      • Category header colors not showing properly
    • OCR
      • OCR engine would hang when detecting bar codes on very busy pages
      • Bar code region is not correct for highlighting barcodes on page
    • Search
      • @SECURE option is not working properly and some items are not removed from search results based on security
    • Workflow
      • Several action types were are not working in the Follow Up actions
        • Rename Rec Data action
        • Rename Doc Data action
        • Update Doc Data action
        • SMS Text Messaging action
      • Error when completing workflow and checking to see if new item is the current user’s
      • Not Licensed incorrectly message shows in Trigger admin screen when using Record screen in work trigger and e-forms is not licensed
      • Auto-Indexing is removing OCR data during processing
      • Workflow designer “Duplicate Condition” button not working
    • Variable Replacement
      • REGEX strings with pipe symbols will fail because of internal processing methods
    • E-Forms
      • Document view is failing because of lack of search words for document
      • TOTALAMOUNT calculation not working when Radio buttons or Option lists used
      • Extra character (2) visible in the PANEL field settings
      • E-From editor does not properly size when the top tool bar is set to scroll
      • Required fields still report missing when in a container field and the container is hidden
      • Credit Card field not working if embedded in another container
    • Record Screen
      • OCR hover highlight not working
      • Resetting panels leaves Documents panel empty
      • Moving Documents panel causes duplicates
    • Reports
      • Asset Request Report shows invalid data in CSV output when Record Type not selected

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