Version 3.20

Release Date: 2018-07-21

New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Record Types
      • Added option to line item field to not force totals to balance parent field on completion
      • Added email notification option to Retention events
      • Added option to set text fields as “begins with” by default (auto-wildcard)
      • Added integration options section that currently includes a way to replace the default Record page with a custom page
      • Changed field pop up to not scroll internally as this will allow for drop-down menus to work properly
    • Indexing Automation
      • Added support for option to not force totals to balance parent field on completion
      • Indexing – COMPLETE and REJECT buttons take on default option colors, text and icon of the defined Default Complete and Default Reject workflow button respectively
    • REST
      • Updated the Download Doc as PDF endpoint to only convert a PDF to a PDF when annotations are required to be burned in
      • Added simple statistics API call which returns Max, Min, Avg, Sum, Count of fields specified
    • Workflow
      • Added badge with # days until due on the user workflow console
      • Added badge with # of items that match the filters on the left panel
      • Changed email interface to show TO and Subject better
      • Added categorization to the Action Type lists
    • Variable Replacement
      • Added SUBSTRING capabilities
      • Changed PROP/OBJPROP to return blank if no object found instead of returning original parse string
    • Inline Importer
      • Removed document size warnings since there is no limit to document size any longer
    • Notifications
      • Changed notifications to show on every page – not just the Home page
    • User Options
      • Changed the “Account Options” label in the tool bar / user drop down to “Options/Downloads”
      • Changed location of Integration Add-Ins installer to the cloud and updated the links in the interface to reflect new location
    • Main Options
      • Made “log retention” settings available to cloud administrators
    • Search
      • Added ability to search for Record with or without Documents (in advanced search options)
      • Added CTRL-M hot key to trigger the “load more” action
      • Changed ‘Edit Records’ and ‘Route Records’ so they do not time out
      • Changed pop up search dialogs to not scroll internally
    • Reports
      • Added ability to save report parameters and recall them to re-run that same report
      • Added variable support for date fields so date variables can be used
      • Updated¬†OCR Results¬†report to show more status information and to show a status bar on progress
    • Office Integration
      • Added Name and Category editing during upload from Word and Excel
    • Entry
      • Changed pop up entry dialogs to not scroll internally
    • OCR and OCR Results Report
      • Change engine to ignore words less than 4 characters to improve efficiency and reduce storage requirements
      • Added Start Time and Last Update Time OCRResults report
      • Added an “On Page” field to report and also added progress bar to graphically keep track of progress on each OCR job


This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • User Admin
      • User search behaves strangely at times
    • Bookmarklets
      • Bookmarklets not visible for non-admin users
    • Variable Replacement
      • MOD (%) operator fails with divide by zero
      • MATH not working with fractional numbers
    • Record Screen
      • Record page options not saving for new user
      • ‘Show deleted documents’ option shows too many items if categories are defined
    • Indexing Automation
      • Complete button will not submit unless the step is set to prompt for notes
    • Tool Bar Search/Entry
      • Auto-complete fields do not get focus properly on pop up windows when they are the first field
    • Workflow
      • Replaced the option to view a specific E-Form in the Record when opening in workflow context
    • System
      • JavaScript error in scrollIf component causes issues rendering E-Forms in Safari browser
      • Audit logs did not always have the current dates in the DateCreated and DateChanged properties of the logged objects

Known Issues

This is a list of the issues we have found or have been reported but have not yet been fixed as of this release

    • Viewer
      • Creating a PDF can fail if too many pages are selected
        • Current work-around is to keep number of pages smaller. Each site and each document type combination will behave differently but in general try keeping PDF page count around 50 or less for best results.