Version 3.19

Release Date: 2018-06-08

New and Updated Features

This is a list of the new features, functions and enhancements added since the previous release

    • Office Integration
      • Added full Record Type searching
      • Added Category and Name selector in Document save panel
    • Back End Structure
      • Changed image rendering to be 8 bits per pixel instead of 32 bits per pixel to save storage space
      • Converted all cloud databases to use encryption at rest
    • User Admin
      • Changed system to not force email addresses for users
      • Changed screen to save user when ENTER key pressed while editing a user
    • Workflow
      • Changed new trigger to not have action on first button (avoids error saying you need action completed)
      • Added SMS messaging for work trigger notifications
      • Added SMS message trigger action type
      • Moved button icon settings into Display tab
      • Added ability to customize the workflow button colors
      • Updated icon selector to preview panel
      • Last trigger edited is shown with red border to make it easier to keep track of your progress
      • Added last date/time edited to work trigger list screen
      • Added ability to copy buttons, actions, rule sets and rules within and between triggers
      • Added display for number of rules in Rules tabs for easier identification of the actions that have rules associated
      • Added rules around when a button can be clicked. If user tries to click button and the rules fail then the user is presented with a definable error message.
      • Added button option to prompt the user for notes when clicked. This works only in the new Record screen and the Indexing screen at this time.
      • Added CTRL-CLICK option to toolbar workflow panel which loads the Record screen with the selected work item regardless of the screen that is defined
      • Added option to Record Split action to automatically split records based on the specified logic
      • Enhanced the Record Type check to be able to compare against all record types to which the record is related
      • Updated design to allow for collapsing action panels
      • Added POP3 action type with loop for each email found
      • Removed generic LOOP action type
      • Added ability to trigger Search and Update actions without specifying a record type
      • Added REGEX support for auto-split logic
      • Added SFTP upload action that allows for uploading documents to SFTP servers
      • Updated Search/Update action to allow for sorting the records by field name
    • E-Forms
      • Added ability to save signature image to record data
      • Updated Credit Card system to be more secure and to work with new processor
    • Word Template Merging
      • Added ability to use record level image value as image in word document merge
    • Indexing Automation
      • Changed Workflow Actions menu so the Default Complete and Default Reject buttons do not show up in the action list
    • Variable Replacement
      • Added the following variable replacement tags
        • REPEAT
        • NEWLINE
        • TAB
        • CHAR
      • Added Variable Testing panel in the Admin drop down
      • Added REGEX variable
      • Added tags to allow for ignoring sections for variable replacement
      • OBJPROP was updated to allow embedded pipe symbols in objects
    • Entry
      • Standard Entry – Changed small PLUS sign to add new field into a form-wide button under field list
    • Asset Tracking
      • Added Reason codes to asset requests
      • Added Reason codes maintenance to Record Types
      • Added Reason codes to the Asset Request Report
    • Search
      • Sped up page rendering for large result sets
      • Added “250 Records per page” option
    • Viewer
      • Updated slide-out workflow drawer to fit new design, take on button colors and show button text
    • REST
      • Added ability to set get any workflow for a Record – not just the logged in user’s workflow
    • Add-Ins
      • Added optional Q query string variable that can be passed into add-in URL for passing values into add-in
    • Bookmarklets
      • Extended functionality of Bookmarklets to be able to call Add-Ins
    • Tool bar
      • Reorganized Admin and Reports menus


This is a list of the issues we fixed since the previous release

    • Search
      • Searching with a field named “model” causes error
    • Add-Ins
      • Add-in direct link not working unless we send in all variables (should be optional)
      • Add-in full screen window not sizing properly
      • Add-in URL is URL encoded so it can break URLs that have more than one parameter (&)
    • Viewer
      • Multiple panels of the same name are showing up
      • Some new users get error when loading viewer for first time
      • Document OCR search not working in viewer
    • Workflow
      • Re-assigning work items to another user not working
      • Inadvertent E-Form is being created when trigger previously had e-form as default screen
      • Search and Update actions can cause table name conflicts in DB
      • Adding new attachment to email action when using no Cat, Doc or Name does not stay
      • Non-existent variable NOT being evaluated as blank
      • Trigger Edit – Adding new attachment to email action when using blank Doc Category, Doc Name and Attachment Name (meaning all documents) does not save
      • User workflow panel shows non-formatted numeric values
    • System
      • Horizontal scroll bar shows when not needed
    • Saved Search
      • Saved search fails when sent to another user
    • Indexing Automation
      • Auto-Complete field values are showing up not only in the field but also below the actual field as plain text
    • E-Forms
      • External E-Forms not loading (error on page)
    • Reports
      • Asset Status Report has misspelled title
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Reports not working properly in non-US cultures

Known Issues

This is a list of the issues we have found or have been reported but have not yet been fixed as of this release

    • Viewer
      • Creating a PDF can fail if too many pages are selected
        • Current work-around is to keep number of pages smaller. Each site and each document type combination will behave differently but in general try keeping PDF page count around 50 or less for best results.

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