Version 3.15

Release Date: 2017-12-16

New and Updated Features

    • E-Forms
      • Added better printing support for E-Forms in the BETA viewer
      • Changed form to redirect user to workflow step if form save creates a workflow item for current user
      • Added SERVERURL to URL replacement values
    • Add-Ins
      • When no Workflow selection is made then that means Any or No workflow is a match (ignore workflow)
      • When no Record Type selection is made then that means Any or No Record Type is a match (ignore Record Type)
      • Change logic to hide Windows APPs/DLLs from non-windows browsers
      • Added link to administer Add-Ins in the Admin drop down but only if there are Add-Ins defined
    • PDF Merging
      • Added capability to merge images from record into PDF docs
      • If merge image does not exist in Record then image placeholder is removed
    • Asset Management
      • “Multi” screen – Added capability to specify container field when returning an asset and not only when assigning it
    • Record Types
      • Added pop up report that shows every user’s security for the given Record Type
      • Added section to set default scanner properties per Record Type
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Changed “Collaboration” to “Collab.” on site setup panel due to limited space
      • Added ability to reset the default admin account
    • Viewer
      • Added support for seeing contents of ZIP files in viewer
      • Added ability to download a document from within a stored ZIP file
    • Home
      • Added titles to panels in mobile view
    • Scanning
      • Changing scanners now done by clicking the scanner info box instead of the label
      • Added support for Record Type defaults
    • Installer
      • Changed installer to not delete and recreate scheduled tasks but rather to preserved them between upgrades
    • Notifications
      • Added ‘Edit’ link to Notifications that only shows up for Admins
    • REST
      • Added ability to search for Records routed to me
      • Added ability to Complete a workflow task using the Default Complete button
      • Added ability to Reject a workflow task using the Default Reject button
      • Added GetDatas method to get all Data objects that have the given name
      • Added GetDataValues method to get all Data values that have the given name
      • Added PageCount property to Document object
      • Made sure @apionly calls get treated properly for security reasons
      • Added support for NOT EQUAL searches
      • Added PageNum and NumPerPage options to GetRecordNotes and GetDocumentNotes
    • Database
      • Added support for NOT EQUAL searches
    • System
      • Added cookie check to ensure browser supports cookies and, if not, show message


    • Search
      • # and ~# do not work on global searches
    • Workflow
      • Cannot remove field update values in Search and Replace action type
      • Cannot use Search and Replace to find records unless currently-logged in user has access rights. This information should be available to workflow process.
    • Add-Ins
      • Add-Ins info panel has misspelling (‘po up’ instead of ‘pop up’)
    • BETA Viewer
      • Empty doc list is showing Click/Drop to add docs in entire row when viewed in IE
      • Merging template (Word or PDF) would not work
    • Record Types
      • Show Field setting not being honored in Entry screen
    • Help
      • Help links for the Add-Ins admin screen not correct
      • Help links for the Database Overrides screen missing
    • Document Merging
      • If a requested image is missing from Record then an exception occurs
    • OCR
      • OCR engine is preserving thumbnails in black and white only
    • In-line Exporter
      • In-Line Exporter does not run
    • REST
      • dmRESTHelper component is not queuing up OCR jobs when instructed
    • Security
      • Document security not working when more than 25 record types
      • Record security incorrectly removing records from search
      • Token-base logins fail due to Chrome caching
    • Viewer
      • Emailing or downloading pages using the print queue fails

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