Version 3.12

Release Date: 2017-08-05


New and Updated Features

    • Licensing
      • Changed licensing model of system so that the server controls component licensing
    • Record Types
      • Changed the word Header to Field Label to avoid confusion
      • Auto-fill field name with the Field Label value without spaces by default
      • Prompt when editing or deleting RecordType field
    • Indexing Automation
      • Added basic auto-indexing ability using key words, bar codes and OCR data (in beta)
      • Added Category capability to the Classification screen
      • Changed Save logic on all screens to return to Record if screen was initiated by the Record screen
    • Record
      • Added list view to the Documents panel with toggle button
      • Changed document panel so large document counts load faster
      • Changed workflow logic so the Record page no longer assigns workflow to you unless you clicked a workflow link to bring up the Record page
      • Changed workflow action to not close current document after routing
      • Changed Document edit screen to only show Category or Name drop downs if any are available
    • REST
      • Added AppSource property to be able to track which component is making calls
      • Added option for specifying which fields to return in Record search
    • System
      • Added custom Not Found page
      • In-Line Importer now converts FB Master Sheets to Record Notes
      • Updated on-line help system
      • Added logged in user name to Support pop up screen
    • View Logs
      • Added View Logs report to show Record and Document view history
    • Reports
      • Added ‘All Users’ option to all reports with a User selection
    • E-Forms
      • Implemented reCAPTCHA component for form security
      • Added Progress Bar field
    • Notifications
      • Added Description property to be able to show in list better
    • Search
      • Changed paging buttons to work better on mobile
    • In-line Importer
      • Changed logic to load MSHEET data to Record Notes instead of document
    • Current Work Item Report
      • Added ability to completely cancel the work item
    • Multi-Tenant
      • Updated interface for administration
      • Updated billing routine to not miss OCR performed during days when billing was not run
      • Added “Billable” flag to sites and reporting
    • Indexing Automation
      • Changed the interface to make Adding vs Updating Records more obvious and simpler to use


    • Retention System
      • Empty due date causes failure in follow up actions
    • Search
      • Date max/min in grid view footer not working in cultures other than EN-US
      • Exporter would not load
    • Indexing Automation
      • Blank Category causes indexing issue
      • Date validation not working in cultures other than EN-US in Indexing screen
      • Cannot add notes in indexing screen
      • Indexing Automation screens allows users other than workflow users to complete workflow
      • Indexing Automation screens did not always enforce security
    • Notifications
      • Videos do not show up correctly for end users
    • System
      • Scanning, importing and other client tools create a new window after Click Once plug-in prompt in Chrome and Firefox
      • Set Start Page not working for new users
      • In-line Importer does not import older FB archives without Master Sheet entries
    • Record
      • Clicking document thumbnail causes 2 image loads in background processing
      • Exporter would not load
      • Document merging failing on certain word documents
      • Clicking Category button first time does not select that category
      • Hover title for Category selector on Edit screen is not correct
    • E-Forms
      • External e-forms not loading due to resource load failure

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