Version 3.11

Release Date: 2017-07-01

New and Updated Features

    • Record Types
      • Added option to hide record type from entry list
      • Changed New Record type logic to ask for name first and set filter values accordingly
    • Workflow
      • Added variable replacement logic to the Dynamic User Assignment and Dynamic Team Assignment fields
      • Added Record Search and Update option to action to allow lookups from other records
      • Added support for asset tracking interaction with workflow
      • Added REQUESTOR and REQUESTORNAME variables to variable replacement
      • Added Repeat feature to Follow Up actions so the action can be performed on a regular basis
      • Made Follow Ups a standard view item so users don’t need to go to Advanced view to see them
      • Cleaned up the look at feel of the administration screen with large buttons and edit panels
      • Change Trigger Type selector from a drop down to a pop up
    • Record
      • Changed entry panel to have Search and Delete icons inside bordered panel for non record type entry
    • Tool Bar Entry
      • Changed entry panel to have Search and Delete icons inside bordered panel for non record type entry
    • Integration
      • Added integration support for AllScripts Sunrise EHR
      • Made improvements to the QuickBooks Vendor Sync for speed
    • Entry
      • Changed format of icons in entry screens to be laid out nicer
    • Retention
      • Changed data cleanup routine to be more efficient
    • Dashboard
      • Changed workflow report links to include the proper number of days in the report
    • Thumbnails
      • Changed thumbnail storage from database to document storage location
      • Changed TIFF thumbnails from being auto-generated to stored like other document types
    • Branding
      • Added the ability to style ‘action’ buttons (Save, Run ,etc) differently than other buttons
      • Re-arranged the layout to make it easier to see preview while making changes
      • Changed Reset button to reset settings and save automatically
    • QuickBooks
      • Changed Vendor sync to only grab designated data fields and do 100 at a time
    • Search
      • Changed grid view to show Field Header values in columns headings instead of Field Names
    • Notifications
      • Enhanced message area to allow rich text entry including fonts, colors, images, links and more
      • Added option to show messages to All Users, Administrators Only or Reporting Users Only
      • Added option to limit the height of the notification panel and scroll it internally is over that height


    • Record
      • @@ data values were being shown to users
      • Document restore not working properly
      • Category changes not saving after manual drag and drop of pages to category tabs
    • Exporter
      • On some computers the CSV is written out in ANSI format which is causing Excel to not see it as a correct CSV
    • Search
      • When searching for a text value that has a comma in it the system converts it to a range search (from X to Y)
    • OCR
      • OCR would fail if incorrect full path in FileName property of Document


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