Version 3.09

Release Date: 2017-05-06

New and Updated Features

    • Record
      • Updated Record screen to be able to organize documents with multiple categories easier
      • Changed Record to not ZIP single document downloads
      • Changed Record to allow option to ZIP documents when emailing
      • Added Email button to document view tool bar
      • Change Sharing menu icon to Print in tool bar
      • Hide OCR panel when viewing E-Form (which cannot have OCR)
      • Changed Edit menu option to Edit button
    • Portals
      • Moved instructions into its own panel in Portal edit screens
      • Added support for new category display in document view
      • Updated collaboration edit screen to specify categories
      • Updated collaboration template administration screen to specify categories
    • Workflow
      • Updated Action selector to a nicer pop-up list with descriptions
      • Updated Merge Document to allow for specifying Category
      • Updated Email to allow for attachments by Category and Name
      • Updated Document Check logic to allow for specifying Category
      • Updated Missing Document Check logic to allow for specifying Category
      • Added option to Email Action to allow to ZIP documents when emailing
      • Added ability to rearrange action buttons
    • Search
      • Changed [DEL] Record edit logic to delete ALL fields with the specified name
    • User
      • Users can now set any page as their “start” page using a new tool bar option
    • Administration (all areas)
      • Converted import buttons to single click uploads instead of File Upload controls
      • Removed Edit button if entire line clicks into edit screen
    • User Administration
      • Changed User maintenance screen to use collapsible panels
    • Stamps
      • Updated stamp screen to use single-click stamp upload
      • Updated layout of stamp screen
    • Record Types
      • Added a new Cascading Option field that depends on another field’s value to determine which options to show in the list
    • Security
      • Changed “force password change” action to happen in pop up window rather than redirecting to a new page
    • REST
      • Added ability to upload documents in chunks to avoid max file size limitation
    • QuickBooks Sessions Report
      • Added link to main command record that triggered QB interaction from each line item
    • Reports
      • Updated several reports’ default search parameters
      • Updated Missing Document report to allow for Categories and to provide filtering links


    • Workflow
      • Document names in attachments cannot contain spaces
      • Images merged into Merge Documents looked very blurry
      • Delete left over temp files when using email action
      • Some text fields not able to be easily typed into when using Internet Explorer
    • E-Forms
      • Document view field thumbnails stacking vertically instead of horizontally
    • Record
      • Numbered thumbnails not showing all page number text when showing all 1’s (11, 111, etc.)
    • Stamps
      • Stamps would not show up after import unless they were JPEG
    • Recycle Bin
      • Could not purge documents with applied security
    • Reports
      • QuickBooks Sessions report did not properly show errors
      • Missing Documents report not providing accurate count of results
    • REST
      • Document notes GET command did not return any notes for document
    • Multi-Hosting Sites
      • Workflow, E-Forms and Collaboration features could not be turned off per site
    • Indexing Automation
      • Indexing – Blank Vendor and Line Item in values cause incorrect matches
      • Reloading a saved record in Indexing screen would lose linked field values

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