Version 3.08

Release Date: 2017-04-15

New and Updated Features

    • Portals
      • Changed portal screen design
      • Changed document viewing to happen in place instead of in separate screen
      • Changed Email and Instructions to use the WYSIWYG editor
    • Indexing Automation
      • Made line item indexing screen larger for easier entry
      • Hiding thumbnails when there is only one page
      • Redesign screens to make options easier to see
      • Made indexing panels collapsible. Will remember settings between sessions.
      • Made option for where to go after indexing complete.Will remember settings between sessions.
      • Removed prompt that asked to load next item
      • Removed prompt that asked if user was sure they were ready to save
    • Record
      • Changed scanner control to use drop down selectors instead of radio buttons
      • Added more logging to scanner control
      • Changed PDF to Image conversion to new system
      • Auto-creating first 20 pages of thumbnails in PDFs on first view
      • Moved Classify option into document menu instead of button
      • Added hot keys for zooming
        • Ctrl-Insert = Zoom In
        • Ctrl-Delete = Zoom Out
        • Ctrl-Home = Zoom Height
        • Ctrl-End = Zoom Width
      • Added link to Workflow History Report for reporting users
      • Added support for XPS document type
    • Search
      • Hide paging buttons when delete reduces results to 0
      • Added option to view thumbnails of documents in search results – clickable directly to the proper document in the Record screen
    • Recycle Bin
      • Hide paging buttons when delete reduces results to 0
    • Home
      • Added “Advanced Search” button that toggles the display of advanced search fields
    • OCR
      • Added TXT and COLD files to document types that can be OCR’d to enable full text searching of those document types
      • Changed PDF to Image conversion to new system
      • Changed OCR word extraction/save to format values for better search support and handling of date and numeric data
    • Branding
      • Added favicon support
      • Added ability to change page title name and layout
    • System
      • Set default values for log retention to:
        • Logins = 12 months
        • Object Changes – 12 months
        • Page Cache – 6 months
    • Overlay Templates
      • Updated admin interface
      • Added Record Type association
      • Added ability to add extra spacing vertically or horizontally at specified locations
      • Added support for multi-page cold files / template support
    • E-Forms
      • Changed E-Form save sequence to route new E-Form after all documents from the form have been uploaded


    • Workflow
      • Email not working properly for cloud sites
    • Record
      • Email not working properly for cloud sites
      • Please Wait dialog closes before page is loaded
    • Indexing
      • Thumbnails directive caused errors in browser
    • Search
      • Search results count not updated properly when deleting all records in search
      • Grid computations not rounding properly
    • Reports
      • OCR Results Report would fail when trying to export
    • Portals
      • Images not sizing properly when browser size changes
    • E-Forms
      • Labels with calculations did not work after form was saved
    • Overlay Templates
      • Fixed misspelled word in template form – Leading (Leding)
      • Page number not being used in template find algorithm
    • Merge Docs
      • Merge fails when images do not have ALT text – due to image replacement logic

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