Version 3.06

New and Updated Features

    • Workflow
      • Added new screen for users to work their items and run reports for their own workflow
      • Added button in Home page panel to go to new workflow screen
      • Added ability for Portal Passwords to be hard coded into the work trigger configuration with available variables embedded
      • Changed step re-order code to make it faster and behind the scenes
      • Added “viewed” icon that shows you which worflow items you have previously opened
      • Added ability to call REST APIs during Workflow actions
      • Updated Email editor to TinyMCE
    • Branding
      • Added opacity option for login screen right-side image for static and ads
      • Added text color option for right side of login screen
      • Improved right-side image positioning to make design more intuitive
    • System
      • Changed font in text, text area and select fields to Verdana to make them more readable
      • Updated 3rd party modules and components for security and performance concerns
    • Record
      • Added option to manually send document(s) to the OCR queue
      • Added OCR progress update information
      • Added variable substitution logic for email Body and Subject from Record screen
      • Updated Email editor to TinyMCE
    • Users
      • Updated User screen to validate email addresses
    • Record Types
      • Added ability to merge Record Data into Quick Notes
    • E-Forms
      • Added text alignment options for Text, Numeric and Date fields
      • Added link (href) capability to images
      • Added target capability to Links and Images with links
      • Added List Group to options for Bullet List field
      • Added collapsible Panel container with border, header, footer and more
      • Added Copy URL button to the Public URL section
      • Added Preview button to e-form designer to open the form in another user
      • Changed behavior when an external user tries to load an e-form that does not exist or is not marked Public. Previously they would get a list of available forms. Now they get a Not Found error as if the page they were going to do not exist. This is better for security.
      • Added Rich Text field type that allows for free form text with colors, font sizes and images in one display control
      • Updated Rich Text editor to TinyMCE
    • Indexing Automation
      • Changed COMPLETE button on Indexing screen to use work trigger’s Default Complete button actions
      • Changed COMPLETE button on Classify screen to use work trigger’s Default Complete button actions
    • Reporting
      • Added Records Not Active report that can show what Records have not been assigned since a given date


    • Record
      • Fixed issue in Chrome browser where Notes screen would not close after saving the notes
    • Users
      • Fixed issue where an invalid email could cause notification errors
    • Indexing Automation
      • Fixed issue on Indexing screen where Total fields would not match if the field names were different
    • Workflow
      • Admin only – Fixed issue where Process selection would be reset after saving a Trigger
      • Fixed issue where Record values were being checked when doing a Document value check
    • E-Forms
      • Fixed issue where field label spacing was being lost when using dash (-) character which is supposed to hold the spacing with no text
    • System
      • Fixed issue where computed dates were not properly in the following area
        • E-Form fields
        • Work Trigger Value Checks
        • Work Trigger Value Set operations

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