Version 3.05

New and Updated Features

    • Workflow
      • Added Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down as available button icons
      • Added “Missing Documents” variable to allow recording the missing document names into Notes or Fields
      • Renamed Indexing Automation screen selection types
      • Added ability to compute the number of Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Business Days, Hours, Minutes or Seconds between two dates
      • Added business days ability to function that computes new date from a date and a time span
    • E-Forms
      • Added Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down as available form icons
      • Updated E-Form designer to allow drag and drop of multi-option fields from Record Type field list
    • REST
      • Added Reporting property to User object in REST interface
      • Added PageNum and NumPerPage to Work Item call
      • Updated login to better security method
      • Added new token login for passing session into docMgt UI from external applications
      • Added workflow call (rest/workitems/newest) to get the work items in newest-first order
    • Record
      • Added ability to automate data entry on Record screen with other applications
    • Record Types
      • Made Add buttons bigger and easier to click
      • Added support for Multi-Option fields as check boxes
      • Expanded Required Documents feature by allowing for documents to be required only if a field is set to a specific value
    • Indexing Automation
      • Added workflow user option buttons to Indexing Automation screens
      • Added support for Multi-Option fields as check boxes
      • Added support for Microsoft Word documents (DOCX) in the Indexing Automation system
    • Browser Scan, Browser Importer and NetLabels
      • Updated login to better security method
      • Increased speed of upload
      • Configured logging system to use standard methods and locations
    • Collaboration
      • Added in option to have required documents not show up in the portal if they already exist in the Record
      • Added functionality where whenever a portal is loaded it checks to see existence of required documents
      • Added “Portal Complete” message if portal is opened with no tasks remaining
    • Toolbar
      • Changed log out button to a user information drop down menu that allows for more than just logging out
      • Changed layout of toolbar to show more information
      • Changed layout of mobile toolbar to make things clearer and simpler
      • Changed Help button to a user information drop down menu that shows custom support information
    • Branding
      • Changed login page link to not open new window if opening a mailto: link.
      • Created an Ad Rotator system for the login page that allows you to have rotating, hyper-linked content in right panel
    • System
      • Updated 3rd party modules and components for security and performance concerns
    • NetLabels
      • Added extra logging to know how many labels were sent from docMgt to NetLabels for printing


    • Favorites
      • Fixed issue with not being able to set favorite when someone else has a favorite set to that same Record
    • Home
      • Fixed issue where “close” button on Record Type search only worked if you clicked directly on the X.
    • Record
      • Fixed issue with Read Only rights not deactivating fields
      • Fixed issue with document thumbnails not always showing up
      • Fixed issue where document order not always correct when > 25 documents in Record
      • Fixed issue with linked values not populating if the linked Display and Value fields were not the same field
      • Fixed issue with field search button not working
    • System
      • Fixed issue where changes to custom fields and controls were not always reflected in the UI without a browser refresh
    • REST
      • Fixed issue with authenticating to REST while logged into site
    • E-Forms
      • Fixed issue with the query string variables not auto-populating forms on load
      • Fixed issue where having multiple Record-level tables in the same form caused data from tables to mingle
      • Fixed issue where having multiple Document-level tables in the same form caused data from tables to not save properly

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