Version 3.04

New and Updated Features

    • Record Types
      • Changed Required Documents section to Defined Documents with a required flag
      • Added ability to secure documents using the Defined Documents panel
    • Entry
      • Added support for multi-value fields that allow you to add fields with the same name to a Record
      • Added ability to move through entry fields in pop up entry screen by using the ENTER key instead of just the TAB key
    • Record Screen
      • Added support for merging PDF documents from the E-Forms list
      • Added document type selector for naming documents in the edit screen based on the Document Types configured in the system
      • Added the display of workflow reason if it exists in the workflow record
      • Added faster loading of Records with larger document counts
    • Branding
      • Added ability to brand the system-generated emails
      • Updated email graphics to allow for more background color schemes
    • System Options
      • Added button in admin screen to test the current email configuration
      • Added option in web.config to disable changing of the SMTP Server and Document Location settings
    • E-Forms
      • Added ability to set the color of Table headers and footers
      • Added ability to drag and drop to re-arrange options for Option Lists, Multi-Option Lists, Radio Buttons and more.
      • Added ability for Tables to add their totals to the form-level totals
    • Search
      • Added hot key for placing cursor into the tool bar search box to F3
      • Changed hot key for speech search to Shift-F3
      • Added 5 Records per Page option
      • Added option for displaying search results in a sortable grid instead of the standard general layout. This option is set in the the Record Type setup screen.
      • Added option to click the star icon to add or remove the Record from favorites
      • Added option to delete ALL Records from the last search. This is only available for administrators.
    • Workflow
      • Added support for merging PDF forms
      • Increased visible workflow item list from 25 items to 500 items max on Home page and Toolbar
    • Indexing Automation
      • Added Document Classification screen that allows users to drag and drop individual pages from documents into classification “buckets” for quick document category indexing.
      • Added option in Indexing screen to save indexed Record into a new record or into an existing one
    • Importer
      • Added ability to double click Importer data header to rename column before import
    • Scanning
      • Added Black & White scanner option
      • Updated logging to preserve logs for 30 days
    • Portals
      • Added option to allow for downloading documents from multi-record portals
      • Added button to user Account page to view list of active portals
      • Added portal report that allows reporting users to find portals created by all users
    • Reports
      • Added Portal Report so reporting users can find portals made by other users
      • Added logging for emails that are sent from the system by internal users. These show up in the Change Log Report.
    • Configuration Manager
      • Added Configuration Manager that allows you to edit a configuration you had previously exported. Previously you would have to re-export the configuration from scratch to make changes.
      • Removed Config Import and Config Export screens and replaced with Configuration Manager
      • Removed Data Sort configurations from the Import and Export process and from the system in general
      • Config Manager also allows for retrieving configurations from a central server managed by docMgt
    • REST API
      • Added API call to retrieve Favorite Records list
    • HELP
      • Added links to on-line articles wherever possible
    • Recycle Bin
      • Added ability to search for words in deleted Records
      • Updated display to be more like Search screen


    • Entry
      • Fixed issue where using a linked field to link to numeric data was not brining up options in the list
    • Record Screen
      • Fixed issue with incorrect error message if document delete failure occurs
      • Fixed issue with PDF documents not displaying their form fields in browser
      • Fixed issue with direct URL not properly accepting document ID
    • Home
      • Fixed annoyance with the Record Type search drop down only working when clicking directly on down arrow. Now clicking anywhere in the button will drop down the Record Type list.
    • Search
      • Fixed issue with printing NetLabels from Search screen
    • Workflow
      • Fixed issue with not being able to save trigger if generating Portal Package from trigger
    • OCR
      • Fixed issue with large text values cause DB write failures

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