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How To Configure Azure Active Directory

This article will walk you through how to configure Azure Active Directory for automatic logins.



In order to use this information in this article, you need to be an administrator for your Azure tenant and must have Azure Portal access.


Step 1 – Add App Registration

  1. In Azure Portal, navigate to the Azure Active Directory menu option
  2. In the left navigation list select App Registrations
  3. Then click the New Registration button
  4. Enter a Name for your application.
  5. Select”Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory – Multitenant)” for your Supported Account Types option.
  6. Select the “Web” for your Select a Platform option.
  7. Enter “https://yoursite.docmgt.com/.auth/login/aad/callback” into the auth field to the right of the Select a Platform option. *
    • IMPORTANT: Replace “yoursite” with the base URL for your site. If you currently have https://acme.docmgt.cloud then the full value should be “https://acme.docmgt.com/.auth/login/aad/callback”
  8. Save your app registration by clicking Register
  9. Click on the Authentication option on the left
  10. Check ON “ID Tokens” check box under the Implicit grant and hybrid flows option
  11. Save your app registration







Step 2 – Send Your Information to Your DocMgt Representative

Once you have created your App Registration, you will need to provide 2 keys (values) to us so we can configure our authentication to work with your Azure. MAKE SURE you send the information to use using a secure method! You do not want these keys to be public knowledge.


We will need your Client ID (Application ID) and your Tenant ID (Directory ID). Copy the values below and get them to your rep SECURELY.



Step 3 – Testing Logins Once Done

Once the link has been established on our side, you will be instructed to log in to test. Once this link is in place, the login screen changes by replacing the Username and Password fields with one button to Auto Login (Azure AD) and another for Standard login (username/password). Click the Auto Login button and that should direct you through the Azure AD login sequence.



Things to keep in mind:

  • Users in DocMgt must match the users in Azure AD. Normally the link uses Email addresses so the login names in Azure AD must be the email addresses of your users. This can be done manually by adding users or you can use the AD Sync tool to automatically sync users between Ad and DocMgt.
  • If you want to provide a direct link to the login process, make shortcuts or links to “https://acme.docmgt.cloud/account/aadsignin” where acme is your base URL.



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