Home Page vs Start Page

If you have used docMgt for any length of time you may have noticed that there is a “Home Page” and a “Start Page”. In order to clear up any confusion you may have, we decided to write this article on Home Page vs Start Page.



Home Page

The Home Page is the page that you go to when you click the house icon on the toolbar. That is where information resides such as your recent views, workflow items, saved searches and more. It is the default Start Page for new users. This can change but more on that later.



Start Page

The Start Page is where you have chosen to go when you first log in. As stated earlier, this is usually the Home page. However, it is possible to change your start page to any page you wish.



Changing Your Start Page

If you wish to change the page you go to when you fist log in you simply follow 2 easy steps. Step 1 – go to the page that you want as your start page. This can be any page in the system. Step 2 – use the My Account / Set as Start Page menu option to set the current page as your start page. That’s it! Now when you log in you will go to your new start page. If you ever want to change back to the Home page as your stat page simply go to the Home page and use the “Set as Start Page” option there.




Changing Everyone’s Start Page

If you have administrative access to the Users section then you can set a new start page for one to all users at the same time. In order to do this you need to first set up one user with the settings you want to copy. Then you go to their user in the Admin /Users screen and select the Integration Properties tab.

Click the “Copy Home and Record Settings” button to bring up a dialog to select users to whom to copy the settings. Select “All Users” for everyone or use “Selected Users” to select specific users or teams.


Once you click Apply Settings then the settings from this user are copied to all the selected users.


PLEASE NOTE that not only the Start page settings will be copied but any Record screen and Search screen settings as well. This make this feature the perfect way to set all the pertinent settings for your users’ experiences.




This is a very useful feature to be able to customize your and others’ Start pages. We hope you use and love this feature. Remember to come back often for a new Support Line version article.